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DoC, to those who did not hire one

Hello, I have been searching and most DoC hire about a $1,000 for the day. I'm a bride on a buget and wonder from those who did not have one: was your wedding still fine? or do you wish you had spent the extra money.
Also if you did not have one, how did you manage all the duties the day of.

thanks in advance!

Re: DoC, to those who did not hire one

  • I did not have a DoC. My photographer was phenominal at keeping everything together. At the reception, I just let the little things take care of themselves. 

    Here were our hiccups:
    - A guest took the basket of programs and started forcing people to take them. I had only printed enough for 1 per couple/family, so they ran out because she gave every individual a program. I had originally planned for an employee of the venue to hand them out. No one really cared about the programs anyway. 

    - Some of our tables were set up in the wrong lay out. So family that was supposed to sit up front sat close to the back. I was sad about this, but after dinner everyone got up and was dancing and talking, so it wasn't too big of an issue.

    - A chair was missing from one table. No one told me; I overheard my uncle ask the waitstaff for a chair. They found him one. He was able to sit and eat dinner like everyone else.

    That's all I really remember. During the reception, our photographer and DJ worked together to have our first dance/ parent dances done correctly, annouce the "cake cutting" and let people know when the night was ending. So we did have a few hiccups, but my wedding was certainly still "fine." Nothing went horribly wrong, and I assume I'm the only one who still remembers these little things. 
  • I didn't have a DoC.  I really didn't have to do anything.  I didn't have any problems with the vendors and I didn't have to check on them. I kept things simple at the reception site (simple floral centerpices the florist delivered were the only decoration) and the reception staff only had to setup the seating assignments.  I don't even know what the DoC would have done.
  • I didn't have one. We talked about hiring one, but decided over $1000 was too much to help set up a few things. We were told that the rooms would be set up (tables, chairs) the morning of but we could drop off our boxes the day before. When we got there, our reception room was totally set up. So we started putting up a few things. I set up the vases and dishes for our dessert table and the table that had escort cards on it. H got there early the day of to help set up table cloths and the centerpieces and BIL and SIL showed up early to help but our venue did most everything for us which we weren't expecting. So basically H stood around with his brother and SIL until I got there after hair and makeup. I am so glad that we didn't spend the money.
    Talk to you venue and see what kind of set up you can do the day before.


  • I didn't have one and don't regret it at all.
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  • our venue is helping with this one. the sales director i am working with said that they will make sure everything is done she even said she'd put out the favours on the tables for us. that takes a bunch of weight and worry from asking a relative to do it for us. i am getting ready at the venue because its at a hotel she said when the ceremony time gets closer to 4pm they will come get us from the room. 
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  • I had a DOC for the ceremony only since we were married at a movie theater. However, I didn't need her for the reception since the place was well known for its top-notch service.

    In addition to coordinating the ceremony, our DOC scheduled out the day and took a leadership role in the rehearsal. The DOC was well worth the money.
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    I did not hire a DoC but had 2 friends in that position.  They did a great job in ensuring the day ran smoothly.

  • i didnt have one.  my venue worked with the vendors to coordinate drop offs and such, and my DJ took care of announcements and things. the venue actually provided a 'point person' for the evening in case we needed them to help us with anything

    I agree with enlisting your type A friends to help. i chose a friend to head to the reception early and do a 'once over' of everything that needed to be set up.  my parents took care of tlaking to the venue.
  • I didn't have one and don't regret it at all. Not even sure what they would have done for me.
  • Hi there @angie1623 It all depends on your budget, in either way Its still Your Wedding day, and you can enjoy it with or without DoC. Best of Wishes ! Cheers !Smile
  • My fiance and I almost decided to hire a day-of wedding coordinator and a small team of her staff.  That was back when we had thought we might not be able to afford a florist, within our budget to do the type of florals I had in mind. Flowers are a big thing for me (me specifically, not my fiance, but he does like the look of them and have opinions- whereas for me, I am a passionate gardener and hobbyist florist).  The day-of person and her crew were going to grab the floral elements from family and friends, who were driving them there- our venue is 45 minutes from our house.  Then they were going to hang/position them, light candles, add water to vases, etc.  Later, they were going to remove elements, and in both cases, the elements involved someone up on a ladder.  This was not something our venue would permit a novice to do, as the florist/coordinators who have access to the venue are required to have insurance.  Also, we are not permitted on the permises of our venue until 1 hour before our ceremony, and so DIY installation and removal was just not going to happen.  As it happens, we found a florist who could do what we wanted within our budget, so we declined the DoC.  She was going to charge us $650 for installation and removal.  She was not going to have to deal with other aspects of our event, as our Venue Manager and the Catering Manager are long-time business collaborators and will be our coordinator/s.
  • I didn't technically have one. Meaning I did not hire a DOC. However, the event planner at our church sort of acted as  DOC  in a way in terms of directing the florists where to go, directing the musicians where to go, making sure the sound guy was there, coordinating timing, etc. All of these things could have happened without her, but it did run smoother with her doing that. My mom sort of jumped in as DOC too in regards to dealing with vendors, etc.

    Our florist team was awesome in taking decorations from the church to reception venue, making sure everything was set up perfectly, etc. I guess my advice would be to hire wonderufl, trustworthy, experienced and professional vendors who know what they are doing and your stress decreases greatly, as does your need for a DOC.

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  • We didn't have a DoC, but my mom is super organized, as is her best friend, who is like family to us. They kept a notebook with extremely detailed "to do" lists. We planned out everything ahead of time--who was staying in what room (lots of people stayed at our house), who was riding in which car, what photos we wanted taken, the food that would be served, etc. It all worked out really well!
  • My mother is as type A organzied as you can get.  She always jokes that she's my wedding planner, which she totally is.  Our florist has already offered to set out everything somewhat related to the florals and our venue coordinator has said that as long as we tell them what we want, the venue will set up and break down anything.  I'm not too worried about.

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  • I didn't have one and the things that went wrong a DOC couldn't have prevented (pastor messed up service  & dj forgot to play a few things we requested). I was very organized & had given all VIP's a day of schedule to let them know where to be & when. My reception hall did my centerpieces & cake so no cake vendor to deal with. My vendors did as promised so it all went smoothly. If you can afford it, go for it, if you can't just be organized & let people know what they need to do & when in advance & they will help to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • My venues providing one for us in addition to my cousin who is giving me the "family hook-up" price of $300....but without the hookups id probably go without
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  • In Response to <a href="">DoC, to those who did not hire one</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hello, I have been searching and most DoC hire about a $1,000 for the day. I'm a bride on a buget and wonder from those who did not have one: was your wedding still fine? or do you wish you had spent the extra money. Also if you did not have one, how did you manage all the duties the day of. thanks in advance!
    Posted by angie1623[/QUOTE]

    I didn't have one.  It would have been nice to have one if I didn't mind spending the money because it is sort of like you are hosting a party where you aren't there (of course you ARE there, but you are not concentrating on logistics that day). Things didn't go perfectly smoothly, but I didn't necessarily think it was all that important for everything to be perfect. All in all, I was happy to save the money, and it turned out just fine. If you are one that will stress out if things don't go exactly as planned, then just get one so you can relax and enjoy yourself that day.
  • We didn't hire a DOC, but our venue coordinator was there assisting with various things throughout the day.  She made sure that the vendors knew where to go and what to set up.  She also made sure things flowed properly for both the ceremony and the reception (telling the GMs and BMs when to walk in, giving people the mic for toasts, etc.) In addition, we were able to set up the table runners and centerpieces the night before.  So, on the day of, my mom just helped pin on corsages and such and a couple of my BMs set up escort cards and a few more last minute things.
  • We didn't have one and although I thought about it, in the end, I'm glad I didn't spend the money. One of the deacons at the church took care of ceremony stuff for us, the hospitality committee checked on me every step of the way, when it was time to get married someone else came and got me. My MIL made sure the BM's and the kids were getting dressed then went to take her seat. My MOH kept me on schedule. Things just fell together all on its own.
  • We didn't have one. I'm super neurotic, and my mother is super-organized, so I wasn't too worried. And to be honest with you, our reception hall did 98% of the coordinating. I didn't notice any hiccups, and I don't regret not hiring one, but people who get them swear by them.
  • My venue will provide one for $300.  I paid the 300 and she will set up all the little details the day of.  Well worth it.  My friend recently gone married and didn't have a DoC.  She never really thought about who was going to hang all those paper lanterns she bought.  Her mom, sister, and brother were up until 4am the night before her 11am wedding setting up.  Her venue only set up the table cloths & dishes.  No centerpieces or anything.
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