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Father vs. step father

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My parents divorced when I was about 7. When my brother and I were little we spent some time with him (my mom had custody). As we got older we saw less and less of him. Eventually he moved to PA with his wife and daughter, seeing him even less. Fast forward 4 years he is now living in North Carolina. I haven't seen seen / barely spoken to them in 3 years I believe. From the time I was 9 and present time my step dad has raised me. And has been more of a father figure than my actual father. I have made the executive (and no brainer) decision to have him give me away. Part of me worried what my father will say because he is very opinionated.. Now what about father-daughter dance... Do I really wanna take that away from him as well.. My Fiancé suggested I split the dance and allows them both to have their moment.. Any suggestions ??
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