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Nevada-Las Vegas

Question for fellow Canadians (or anyone who has a good grasp on exchange rates / finances)

jdaigle44jdaigle44 member
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edited July 2015 in Nevada-Las Vegas
Hello everyone!!

I am a Canadian bride getting married and Vegas in November 2015 and I am getting different advice from my family and friends on what to do with the current and projected drop in the Canadian dollar.  It has currently dropped down to 77 cents per US dollar and is projected to drop down close to 70 cents this fall. 
I have made my deposits on all of my venues and also decided to open up a US bank account.  My question is would it be smarter to start paying off my balances for my vendors now or just put all of my savings for the wedding in the US bank account and paying closer to the date like I had originally planned? Does it really make a difference which I choose? Is there certain vendors you would completely pay off the balance a few months ahead of time and others you wouldn't?  Also we are not solid on the number of guests attending, which makes a difference in the total amount for the reception (however we do have a room minimum). 

I know this may be a bit of a silly question but my fiance and I both have differing opinions on this one and I really am not sure as to what our best option would be.

Thanks everyone!! :)

Re: Question for fellow Canadians (or anyone who has a good grasp on exchange rates / finances)

  • xoedenxoeden member
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    I've set all my budgets at 1 USD = 1.30 CAD. You'll win some on buying your US cash, but you'll lose on credit card transactions. In all honesty, I think you're better off buying a large portion of your US cash now and keeping it stored in an account so that you can pay off your vendors closer to the date when your amounts are finalized.

    Our dollar fluctuates a lot. There's so many causes for variations, so I never trust projections. I doubt it'll drop all the way to 70 cents, but maybe 74/73.
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