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what was the order of events during your reception?

Hi ladies!  I am getting marrie din April and I am trying to make a timeline for the reception venue of when we want thigs to happen and I need your advice on what you did....

1.  What did you do right after your entrance to your reception?  First dance? toasts?

2.  What order did you do the first dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc.?

3.  Where you happy with it that way or would you have changed it??

Thanks for your help ladies!!

Re: what was the order of events during your reception?

  • Oh, it's such a haze. Let me think.

    We came in, we were introduced, and then we went from table to table just greeting everyone. No long conversations, just hugs or "thank you for coming" type of thing. We did this while we were making our way back to where dinner was being served. Then we ate---or attempted to eat---and while everyone else was eating, we went back around the tables for actual conversations. After that we did the formal dances, followed by the cake cuttnig and the toasts, and then it was just hanging out and dancing.

  • Grand Entrance
    First Dance
    Father/Daughter Dance
    Mother/Son Dance
    Hora (Jewish traditional dance)
    Bouquet/Garter Toss
    More Dancing

    We tried to talk to the tables during the first round of dancing.  Make sure it's short and sweet.  No really long, personal conversations otherwise you'll never make it to all the tables.  I missed some people that I'm upset I didn't get to talk to because DH was having 20 minute conversations with people.

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  • I wasn't keen on how ours flowed. We did it in this order:

    -Talked to guests
    -Cake cutting
    -First dance
    -parents dance
    -Eat dinner
    -Bouquet toss
    -Garter toss
    -Last dance

    I would have liked to of had our first dance as soon as we're introduced, ate dinner, have our parent dances, cut cake, and open the dance floor up for dancing. I know why my coordinator did it the way she did, but it just didn't flow right to me. By cutting the cake first before everything, it allows the guests to eat the cake whenever they want, if someone wants to leave early, everything is finished pretty quickly.
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  • We were announced and walked straight into our first dance. From there:
    Cake Cutting
    FOB Welcome
    Parent Dances
    Dancing began
    garter & bouquet

    It was PERFECT! I loved going straight into the first dance and cake cutting because all eyes were on us. I wouldnt have changed a thing.
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