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Ideas for Godfather

So I have a pretty close relationship with both of my godparents and I really want them to somehow be involved in our wedding. I was planning on asking my godmother to do a reading during the ceremony, but I know my godfather wouldn't really be comfortable doing that. He has mentioned that he would like to help with the wedding in any way, but I'm not sure how to involve him. He's had both of his knees replaced within the past year so I don't really want to ask him to usher people since that would require him to do a lot of walking back and forth. Any other ideas? Have any of you had this situation? Thanks!

Re: Ideas for Godfather

  • I got my godparents a corsage/bout like I did my parents and had them seated directly behind my parents at the wedding.  DH's godparents brought the gifts up (Catholic wedding) and also had flowers.  I listed all of them in our wedding program.  


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    Get him a bout and seat him in the front row along with your Godmother.  Then make sure to take a special picture with them so that when you get your photos you can print it out, frame it and send it to them as a keepsake.

  • That's a really good idea. I hadn't thought of adding them into the program so I think that would be really special along with getting a bout. Thank you!
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    If you're Catholic and having a mass, your Godparents could present the bread and wine for communion. Otherwise, bouts and corsage and  seating them right behind your parents, since Godmother will have to get out and back into her seat for the reading. 
  • We gave our godparents corsages & boutineers so that they would stand out as VIP's and did photos with them.
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