Chair rentals?

Looking for Chair rentals in Ann Arbor. We're looking for the white padded resin chairs (or even a wood-look to them). I've found them for $2.75 one place, but like many, I'm on a budget and would like to see if I can find them cheaper anywhere else. 
Anyone have any advice on where I can find some that will deliver to the Ann Arbor Area?

Re: Chair rentals?

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    I know this isn't helpful but  I was wondering if you'd found anything.  I'm not in Ann Arbor but will likely need some chairs.  I'm finding this one of the more difficult vendors to research!
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    Unfortunately we had to go with the people that were 2.75 per chair in Ann Arbor. Their name is Action Rentals, but they also just stressed me out by telling me 8 days before the wedding day that they could no longer deliver on our wedding day. We have it all worked out now, but it was stressful!
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    Thanks for the update, and congratulations!  I hope your wedding is BEAUTIFUL!
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