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Nervous Stomach

Just wondering if any of you brides out there struggle (or did struggle) with a nervous stomach.  I had my wedding shower yesterday and battled a stomach ache all day (this is common for me).  I'm really worried about being sick all day, if a wedding shower effected me.  Help?

Re: Nervous Stomach

  • I was very nervous the morning of the wedding.  One of the hairstylists at the salon ended up having to get me something to eat so I didn't pass out (or throw up).

    Just try to breath and relax.
  • My wedding is about 30 days out (June 20th) and I'm right there with you.  I've had no appetite for the past couple of weeks.  Ugh.  About to go force down some Spahgetti O's now.  Good luckl to you!

  • Apparently my stress reaction has turned from hives to fainting! My wedding is june 19th and i guess my body has decided its stressed! I don't feel all that anxious, and usually I can deal with stress very well, I'm not understanding this new thing...... Now I'm just going to try to relax.
  • I actually never got very nervous! I was really surprised. I expected some butterflies the day of, but I was just so excited and relieved that it was FINALLY here, I just couldn't wait to get it started (and get it over with!). :)
  • I am worried about the same thing. I nearly fainted during my first fitting and I had such bad stomach problems that started on my way to the second fitting I had to reschedule. I am hoping for no day-of problems. Although I have started drinking volarian root tea and it takes the edge off when I start feeling nervous.
  • I literally came to this board to find this exact topic! I throw up when I get nervous. Let me know of any remedies you may have! Would Pepto be good for this?
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