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Looking for opinions/suggestions on assigned seating?


Re: Looking for opinions/suggestions on assigned seating?

  • Never been to a wedding with assigned seats or tables :)  Never seems to be a problem. At ours we had assigned tables for the WP and their families as we had no head table as well as one for our parents and siblings. The rest was open. We had plenty extra just in case.
  • I was a guest at a wedding with no assigned tables.  Total disaster.  The first half hour was spent trying to find a seat for everyone. People who wanted to sit together couldn't find a table with enough seats so everyone ended up split up.  People pulled place settings and chairs from other tables to sit together. We knew no one at our table.  It really sucked.
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    I am doing open seating. Call me lazy but I am not about to stress myself figuring out whom should sit with whome
    "I hope a lot of your guests bypass purchasing a gift for you, since it would be stressful trying to figure out what to purchase, or how much cash to gift. Your guests are taking the time and perhaps a little stress to attend your wedding. You should reciprocate by being a good host. Our seating chart took about 30 minutes and 10% stress. Some of your guests will spend at least that amount of time making a gift selection for you."
    That's a really mean thing to wish on someone- you can be a good host and still have open seating. We chose open seating and it went fine. Both of us have families who are used to it and had extra seating. It's definitely a know your circle, know your venue thing. Personally, I've always preferred being able to choose my seat and appreciate it when I'm a guest.
    -----BOX---- @LittleWohlscheid, my comment had more to do with @Knottie1430923696 attitude than her plan for open seating. She chose open seating out of acknowledged laziness and lack of consideration for her guests. She could not be bothered with the basic tenets of hospitality for her supposed nearest and dearest. Now who sounds mean? ETA.....I also have never understood this concept of "know your crowd, know your circle" response. Hospitality and manners should cross all circles and crowds.
  • I had the same battle, but in the end, I only have so many seats at tables, and have odd numbers in families. So, I wanted to avoid any couple or family of 3 having to split up. 

    The organizing wasn't that hard at all, it was working with what my venue could do! So I suggest get your venues arrangements then go from there!

    Good luck! ( honestly save the awkwardness of guests asking to switch someone so they can sit with their own family) 
  • Yes, please assign tables.  We went to several weddings with open seating and there was a mad rush to get seated together as a family.  Then there were people taking chairs/place settings to another table, etc. Making a seating chart isn't that difficult when you give it some thought and I got compliments from my guests about the mix of people.  
  • I had a buffet style dinner and all I did was assign tables. It worked out very well for me and my guests. 

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