Bridesmaids dresses mix match HELP

I am getting married June 11, 2016 and I am having a hard time with choosing my wedding colors. I started with peach and then lilac and now I am thinking that I want to mix match colors. I have 8 bridesmaids so I am trying to figure out what will look the best together. I would love some advice! I was thinking I would do 3-4 colors and divide them throughout the bridal party. I think that some of these photos below might look like EASTER and I do not want that. Do i throw in a grey? Any help would be appreciated! Also my fiance would like to keep lilac in the mix.

Re: Bridesmaids dresses mix match HELP

  • If you do the same colors as the first picture, I would definitely think you tried really hard for that Easter look. My friend got married last year and her bridesmaids wore different shades of purple. I don't really have any real advice to offer you, but I would say that you need to pick colors wisely, otherwise you'll end up having photographs that look like a conglomeration. I just looked at these pictures again, and in the third one, I'm immediately drawn to the girl wearing gray. Ergo, pick colors that are relatively the same shade as well. 

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