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June 23 Wedding-PIP heavy!

So I married my best friend on June 23 and I couldn't have asked for it to go any better...we had a few snafus, but nothing major and everyone has been saying it was the best wedding they've been to and complimenting the attention to detail (which feels SO good after working so hard for over a year and doing a lot of DIY)

The weather all week was calling for thunderstorms but it was a beautiful, sunny Michigan day and the temperature wasn't too hot.  The only issues we had were the ceremony site messed up the time for the rehearsal so we had to have our dinner before the rehearsal and come back, we didn't get to meet up with our photographer again before the wedding to give her our "must have" photo list so we missed some shots, but love the ones she did get, and apparently my groom lost my ring before the ceremony and almost was late but EVERYONE did an amazing job keeping it from me so I wouldn't freak so I actually had no clue till he told me the next day.  I was shockingly calm prior to the ceremony, which is very out of character for bridesmaids were more nervous than I was, I was calm, collected and ready.  My grandfather sang our first dance song, "Only You" and our families helped out so much that it flew by (too fast of course) without any stress on me at all. 

The next day we left for Orlando, FL for 9 days for our honeymoon which was equally perfect.  I can't believe I'm done planning and have no more projects to do...but am so glad I am married to the love of my life!   Here's some pics of it all including my favorite honeymoon pic from when we swam with the dolphins at Discovery Cove!

Our ceremony was at the local Opera House!

We are fortunate to live near the Mackinac Bridge which was a perfect backdrop to our pictures!

These were my second pair of shoes I wore to the reception that I modge-podged blue!

The groom's cake, we are big Harry Potter fans and it tied into our honeymoon to the Harry Potter Theme Park!
Candy Buffet
Our cupcakes!
  The photo booth was a big hit!
  My mother in-law had one of our favorite local wineries make a case of wine, with our homemade invite and program cover as the label...I was so surprised, it was the first thing I noticed when we walked into the reception!  It is even more special because my husband hand painted the painting on them!
He painted an 11 x 14 painting and copied it down and it was the cover to our invites and programs...I know it's frowned upon to show things with names but I wanted to share our DIY technique.  We played on the fact that it was at the Opera House and announced it like a performance....I didn't get pics of them but as you walked into the reception we had Cast boards with pics of our bridal party and a little about them.

First dance with my Grandpa singing!
I loved this technique my photographer used but I didn't realize till we got the pictures that she didn't tell our MOH or BM that they would be in the pic so they didn't really smile, LOL.
Favorite part of the honeymoon!


Sorry for the all the pics...I just couldn't narrow it down.  :)

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