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Have any of you ever used a wedding photographer from groupon? Just browsing the groupon site, it looks like there are some really good deals in the valley, but I'm wondering if it's too good to be true. Any insights or experiences you can share would be helpful! Thanks!

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  • I personally did not use one from Groupon! I actually won our photographer from the wedding expo. We won 1800 off her package and two engagement sessions. So we got really blessed! I am sure they are good deals and most likely need more business to get their names out there you know!!
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  • I used a groupon deal for our engagement photos.  He did a great job.  The groupon included a very limited number of prints though and his add on prices were pretty expensive ($25-50 each image for digital rights).  We liked the pictures he took, so we ended up spending quite a bit of money on additional images and digitals. If we had stuck with the original package, it was a good deal, but we would have only received 2-3 images.  In the end, we probably could have had it done cheaper elsewhere. So, I'd make sure you contact them and are sure what is included in the package and what it costs for additional services.


  • I'd definitely be careful. From what I hear, groupon charges like 50% of whatever you make. So if it were me, I would charge like a BASE and then have a million ad-ons later that I DIDNT have to pay groupon for. Any photographer willing to shoot a wedding for less than 1k is going to really give you what you pay for. I would beware! Also, go to their website. If you wouldnt hire them at full price, don't hire them at half price. (Yes I'm a wedding photog in the valley! :P I have lots of opinions on this one!)

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  • I would stay away from groupon photographers for your wedding. Photographers who discount are usually in low demand and there must be reason. In this industry you get what you pay for.

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