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Hey all! My partner and I are planning a rustic winter wedding for February 2016. We are aiming for a smaller guest list - maybe 80 people. Our hope is to rent out a private housing-type property where we can stay with our immediate family, as well as host the indoor ceremony and reception. We are pretty much DIYing everything to keep costs low. She is a teacher and I work with at-risk youth. Since we're paying for everything ourselves, budget is a big factor. We figured renting a multipurpose space would help us save. Our hope is to rent something from Saturday to Monday, with the wedding being on Sunday. We also met in the DMV area, so MD is dear to our hearts. If anyone knows of a owner who might be willing to let us use his/her property, I'd greatly appreciate a referral! We found one house that was perfect, but the owner was not interested in hosting a wedding. Bummer. Still waiting to hear back from another, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see if I get any bites. Thanks!

P.S. We are a same-sex couple, in case that matters. I know some vendors and private owners are still resistant to this. Thanks again!

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