50 guests, $5-10k budget in York Region?

ok so we wanted to do a DW to Florida, we live in the GTA and with the dollar exchange etc i'm seriously wondering if doing a small local wedding may be a better idea financially??

I'd LOVE to keep it cheap, i personally really don't want to spend a lot on a wedding (and FI is fine with that!)  

i'm just wondering if there is a way of keeping it SMALL and CHEAP in the GTA? preferably in the york region. 

is this realistic? i'd love a place that just takes care of everything/all inclusive. i want SUPER EASY planning where i really don't have to worry about much at all. 

I was thinking of doing a restaurant reception instead of banquet hall (a banquet hall doesn't appeal to me at all. don't want to do the dances and all that stuff) 

I feel really torn about going to florida vs staying local.

I love the idea of florida but it also seems very stressful at the same time, trying to plan while it's not local, keeping costs down (thinking the CA/USD blah)

Re: 50 guests, $5-10k budget in York Region?

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