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Instrumental versions of songs ideas/vent session

This weekend has been busy!! I've approved the reception venue, know the colors, the style, approved the florist and linens, designed mostly free centerpieces, and a mild breakdown when the chapel we loved unexpectedly closed.  Luckily there was another in the area that is much larger than we wanted but we'll make it work.  I had JUST said yes to the dress and we went to the alt chapel when my MOH (FSIL) and MOG asked about songs during the ceremony.  They figured since we were in the chapel, we'd talk music.  I tried to explain I didn't want "Here Comes the Bride" or "Canon in D" but something we both knew words to and I got a little backlash about tradition and cookie-cutter music needing to be there.  I know folks here say "all eyes on you during that moment you walk out" but it makes me uncomfortable and I wanted a song that incorporates both of us, mainly one we knew, since I'm walking to him to start our new life together.  I went to YouTube and found pretty much any song has an instrumental version.  After all the big "YES's" this weekend, I'm stressing over songs...ugh, brain needs to shut off anytime now.  

We're country people, hunt and fish, make our own wine (Boom, centerpieces) and live in the woods (2nd Boom, centerpieces) so maybe an instrumental version of a great song, fast or slow, could be an option?  Has anyone used instrumental versions of their favorite songs during the ceremony?  If so, which ones and how did it work out? Appreciate you guys. 

Re: Instrumental versions of songs ideas/vent session

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