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When are you starting your dress shopping?

It occurred to me this morning that we are quickly approaching the one year mark, and I have not even started looking at dresses yet. Anybody else?

Re: When are you starting your dress shopping?

  • I got my dress about a week ago now. Engaged May 1, 2014 though with a FI that had been out of work so I started trying on like last March? 

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  • Already put a deposit on my dress. The clock is ticking too fast already...
  • I haven't started looking yet, unless you include getting ideas online. I'm also 8 months pregnant right now so I'm waiting until a couple of months after the baby's born before I start looking. I don't want to try on dresses with a big belly because it's not going to give me an accurate feel. I think as long as I have my dress picked out by March I should be in pretty good shape.
  • Sept 10 

    and I haven't even started yet. smh. I don't know when to begin
  • @HAGGSTOBE314 It helped me a lot to remember that at the end of the day it is really no different than shopping for any other piece of clothing. Do you usually shop better by yourself? If so, start there. And be open minded. Good luck!
  • I don't remember the last time I shopped for myself, Im working so much normally my fiance brings home things she would think i like . But hopefully I will find something soon 

  • @HAGGSTOBE314 I am Sept. 10 too! Don't feel rushed. There's still tons of time. I made an appointment to check stuff out with my mom and FH next weekend (Jan 3, and I know it's not normal to bring the groom but I want to and don't care what is tradition).

    I don't feel like I need to choose anything yet. I might even go with a top I already own and just buy a tulle skirt off etsy. I am surprised because all my life I wanted a huge mothereffing ballgown like Scarlett Ohara and now I might just pull something out of my own closet. :p
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  • We've both been looking online since before Christmas. FW has about 5 dresses that she likes; I'm wearing a blue suit.
  • Just bought my dress today!
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