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I'm looking for a caterer in the Muskegon area. I only have 70 guests, but I'm getting quotes starting around $30 per head (including the 15-20% fee it seems they all charge). I've been asking for buffet quotes, but I've also asked about switching my wedding to a different day, heavy apps, sit down, or family style options. No matter what I cut, the price seems to stay at the $25-$30 range. I don't need to cut the cost much, my budget is really closer to $20-$21 per person (again, already including the 15-20% fee).

I also considered a drop-off catering and me DIY thrift store china, use an outside rental or heavy/nice plastic ware, but I don't have a planner or otherwise, so I'd be stuck clearing dishes at the end of the night.

Does anyone have experience with Drop off catering? Or, does anyone have a suggestion for a Muskegon caterer (at less than $30/head for 70 people).
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