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Hi all!

FI and I have been looking at/booking vendors (photographer, DJ), but haven't yet started looking at florists yet. Has anyone booked their florist? I've heard mixed information about what we should know before we book. Some people say that you should book as soon as you have a date/venue, but others say you should know what your dress/BM dresses look like (which I don't know yet). Just looking for more opinions/what everyone else is doing!!

Hope planning is going wonderfully for everyone :)

Re: Florist

  • We have our florist, and I booked him pretty soon after booking the venue and date. I already had an idea of bridesmaid dress colors and what I wanted my dress to look like/the overall vibe I was going for, so I booked one. He has actually been very helpful in determining some other decor options based on his recommendations. 

  • Thanks!! I actually ended up getting my dress this weekend (!!!!!) so we are going to start looking at florists ASAP since I feel like I really know now what I want the wedding to look/feel like!
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