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DIY cake?

Did any of you make your own wedding cake? If so what did you use, and do you have any tips for me?
I can't justify spending 4.50 per slice on a cake when I can buy two cake mix boxes for that price!
Thanks :)
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Re: DIY cake?

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    The idea of ordering a small decorate cake and then buying sheet cake is a great money saver, so if you're looking for a solution that involves less work on your part I think that is your best bet...

    If you're super into DIY like I am, this is what we're doing... We're having a small cake for the cake topper and then we're having a cupcake, candy and dessert bar! We're going to feature candies, chocolate dipped cake balls, cookies, brownies cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. I'm very into DIY so the groom and I are spending the afternoon the day before the wedding working on this project together. He and I both love to cook so we're looking at this as a fun way to spend some time together alone working on a fun project before wedding day mayhem begins :) 
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