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These are the things that make my day...

Emails not intended for us:

"Hi honey
Can you please print this out for me please. 
Thank you 
Love you 
Sexy girl."


Re: These are the things that make my day...

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    I often get e-mails for a Kevin in the States- we share a first initial and last name (for now). I imagine him to be the office gossip, because they have been about everything from who owes who money, to who is sleeping with who. Unfortunately, he also enters my e-mail when he makes purchases and often signs me up for newsletters and websites. This can be especially unfortunate when those businesses don't provide services in Canada. 

    One of my favourites was a flower order confirmation for a woman named Nina where he signed the enclosed card: 

    Roses are red, I'm a douche. Happy Birthday. 
    Love, Kevin 

    I was not in a great mood that day and had received several Kevin e-mails that week. I replied...


    This e-mail address does not belong to Kevin G_________, you have sent me this message in error. Although I am very happy that he is so thoughtful to send Nina flowers and has found love, I am not him, nor do I live in NH or even the United States. Kevin often types in his e-mail wrong and as a result I get these messages all the time which is annoying. Unfortunately I do not know his correct address. If you have a phone number for him and you do speak with him feel free to let him know that I am tired of receiving his crap and it would not kill him to proofread the e-mail line before he signs up for something.


    I then received 2 of the company's newsletters and sent a follow-up....

    in addition to my previous e-mail I'd like to ask that you remove me from your e-mail newsletter list. I took a peek at your website and although I must admit that your flowers are gorgeous, I noticed that you do not deliver to Canada. Please rest assured that if I ever move to New Hampshire or meet someone there to send flowers to, you will be my #1 choice. At this time however, I will opt out from the e-mails as it really is a tease. It's really unfair to be sending me pictures of things I cannot have.


    One day I hope to get Kevin's real e-mail, and bring him as many smiles as he has brought to me. 
  • @HedgehogMama2016 - I want to know about your hedgehog. I have a little boy "hedgeblob" called Hercules. 
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