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Drop in Exercise Classes for Guests

Hello!  I am an out of state bride getting married in October.  I would love to be able to suggest some drop in exercise classes for my guests (spin and yoga) on our wedding website.  Do you have any favorites in the Twin Cities?  My friends love to work out and I think would really appreciate some suggestions of places they can go try during the weekend. 

Re: Drop in Exercise Classes for Guests

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    A recommendation in Hudson is virtually irrelevant if your wedding is in Edina.  Can you post specifically what part of the cities you're looking for recommendations in? 

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    The wedding is in Minneapolis.  So suggestions near Minneapolis and Saint Paul would be wonderful! 
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    It's a regular gym (locally owned with a great reputation amongst my lifting friends), but Los Campeones is a great power gym in the area worth listing.  But as for yoga/spin, I've got nothing...
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    Although it's strictly yoga, I love the atmosphere at the downtown Minneapolis CorePower.  The instructors are great, and the diverse class offerings keep me coming back for more! They also have various locations all over the metro area.

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