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Best July 4th Ever

My fiancé proposed to me on July 4th on my dad's pontoon boat on the lake that I grew up on :)

My fiancé, our friend, and I drove from Ohio to IL for a big 4th of July party at my dad's house. We usually had a big party every year, but it hasn't been able to happen the past few years, so I knew we HAD to go! My brother and his friends bough fireworks, there was a lot of food, a lot of drinks, and a lot of good friends around.

In the afternoon, I stepped onto the back deck and my brother, dad, sister-in-law, and stepmom were on the boat already. My fiancé said to go grab our 2 other friends and my brother said "hey! family bot ride!". This is totally normal and I wasn't thinking anything.

We all got on the boat and we sat near the front of the boat. We had a speaker playing some music from his Ipod and about 3/4 around the lake, my fiancé suggested we take a picture together. So, we stand up and my sister-in-law suggests we go to the front. Just as we are standing there (I'm smiling for photos lol), our song comes on the speaker (Jerrod Neiman "All About You") and he gets down on one knee and says his little speech. I cried and was overwhelmed! When it was time to put the ring on, my sister-in-law swooped in and grabbed the beer I was holding in my left hand this whole time lol.

He had this planned for months and asked my Dad for permission a few months back when they visited us in OH. All my friends had a job on the boat: one was in charge of the music, one took pictures, and one took video. It was perfect!

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