Florists and Photographers in Montco?

I'm starting my search for these two vendors first. I'd like both vendors be really creative with their work and reasonably priced.  Photographs are really important to me and I don't want them to be posed, stiff pictures.  I would like to work with a florist who doesn't do typical flower arrangements and has some unique ideas.  Thanks for any help.

Re: Florists and Photographers in Montco?

  • My wedding is coming up soon so I can't tell you how things worked out, but I love my florist.  I'm using Leslie from Whimsical Welcomes in Skippack and she is just the nicest, most creative person.  No question I ask is too crazy for her and she's so patient with her answers.  She has a lot of pictures on her blog and website so you can see how good her work is. and  She works out of her home so she doesn't have the overhead of a store and her prices are lower.  I went to 3 other florists and she by far was giving me more flowers for my money than anyone else, her ideas were definitely not typical, and she explains things really well.  Our meeting was really long but so informative.  I think my photographer's work is outstanding too.  Ron is located in Pottstown and his prices are really much more reasonable than other photographers I've contacted.  I feel confident that both of these vendors are going to make my wedding perfect!
  • Leslie is super super nice, and has gorgeous photos on her site, but there are more affordable options out there. I will probably have around 15 centerpieces, a little bit of ceremony décor, 5 bridal party members plus myself, 6 groomspeople plus the groom, and flowers for a few relatives, and my quote was over $2500. I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on flowers.

    Some of the Wegmans supermarkets handle wedding flowers (including delivery and setup), so I went with them instead. They were far more reasonable and had lots of great ideas.

  • I used Leslie and I totally disagree with the previous post.  I went to four florists and Leslie's quote was less than all of them.  One of them by 1K less!  If you want Wegman's that's fine - but your flowers will look like everyone else's flowers.  Mine were so unique.  Plus at Wegmans you never know who is going to do your flowers - florists come and go there.  Leslie created tall lamps for half of my tables and low pieces with trim that matched the lampshades.  I don't think any florists can compete with her creativity.  Leslie also includes cocktail table arrangements, cake flowers, and placecard table flowers in her estimates.  For all of that, and 15 centerpieces, I don't think a quote of 2500 is out of line.  It also depends on what types of flowers you choose.  Leslie also did my cousin's wedding and she had only $1500 to spend and Leslie managed to come up with really great ideas for her too and her flowers were wonderful for her bridal party of 3, personal flowers, 12 centerpieces, cocktail tables, placecard table flowers, ceremony flowers, aisle flowers, sweetheart table, and a toss bouquet.  My flowers were gorgeous and I couldn't have been happier.  And she will make sure your flowers fit your budget!
  • I'm using Leslie too for my wedding in October and I love that she's so detail oriented.  She helped me with so many things including coming up with DIY ideas for me.  I think she's great to work with, she definitely did not go over my budget, and she came up with some really clever designs for me.  I couldn't see using anybody else. 
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    I'm not looking for a super *~unique~* flower setup; I recognized that flowers were necessary, but I didn't want to blow my budget on something that will last a day or less when that money, in my opinion, could be better spent on other things (like food or booze). So I take a little offense that mine will "look like everyone else's" - I am confident that they will look nice and honestly, that and not spending a fortune were my main goals.

    Also, the florist at the Wegmans I chose has been there for a number of years and has done numerous weddings.

    Bottom line: to each their own. Flowers can be expensive, so having something done that's "not typical" can blow a hole in your budget if you're not careful. That being said, if you have a big flower budget, then more power to you! I happen to fall on the other side of that divide, so when looking for florists, cost was a big factor.
  • Isn't a wedding all about one day anyway?  You buy a dress to wear one day.  You have music that lasts maybe 5 hours.  Food lasts less than an hour.  You could serve peanut butter and jelly for a whole lot less money.  But seriously, it's about what's important to you.  I don't think I had a huge flower budget in comparison to what everything else costs for that one day.  I had a budget of 3K because my wedding was pretty big.   On florist estimated $3800 and another $4200 while Leslie did my wedding for $2850 and gave me more than I asked for.  I even called one florist who won't see you if your budget is less than 4K!  I think I got a lot for my money and several people called and said that the flowers they took home were still alive a week later.  My mom's centerpiece lasted almost two weeks.  And we donated some of the flowers to the local geriatric center so that they could enjoy how pretty they were. I was extremely pleased with Leslie's work and prices.  So was my cousin who had a budget of $1500. Leslie's initial estimate to me was for what would be the most I would spend.  She makes a personalized worksheet for each wedding and after she is hired, she works on it with you to make changes in flowers and other things. I loved being included in the process and I was able to see how costs would change by using different flowers.  Working with her was a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone!
  • For unique Floral design in Montco, you really need to check out Belovely. They are based in Ambler.  Their work is exceptional and you've probably come across it on 100 Layer Cake or Style me Pretty and even Philly in Love blogs.  For an amazing Photographer, check out MLE Pictures, also based in Ambler. Cheers!
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