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Name Changing after getting married

Did anyone use a company to help you in the name changing process after the wedding? I received an email today from Groupon and they have a deal for name changing service for $15.00 (regularly $30.00). Maybe you girls who changed your name can tell me how easy/difficult the process was and whether you would have liked using a process like this one.
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Re: Name Changing after getting married

  • In my opinion that would be a waste of $15...  it is pretty easy to change your name.  The only places you have to go to in person are the DMV and social security office.  You can print the forms online...they are easy to find.  Pretty much after we got back from the honeymoon, we turned in the signed marriage license to the office, got the certified copy, headed over to the SS office to put in for the new SS card, then the next day headed to the DMV for the new license.  Bring your marriage license to all of these places.

    Everything else - credits cards, banks, can change online or over the phone.

    I thought about getting the name change kit too while I was going to all of these places...but unless it will go to the DMV for you (because the DMV is the least fun place ever), I doubt it would be worth any amount of money... :-)  Hope that helps.
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  • I bought that deal yesterday. Groupon gaveme a $10 coupon so I ended up getting it for $5. I figure even if it's not that helpful I've only wasted $5. 
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  • Thanks everyone, I saw that same deal Tara for $5 but I've decided against it. I was worried about missing something but I think I can handle it on my own.
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  • I commented in the post that PP linked, but I feel like I have to deliver my little PSA every time this comes up: I got suckered into buying one, and it was a complete waste of money. You still have to fill everything out and either mail it in or go to the place to do it.

    On top of everything else (And this really ticked me off) while the DMV document in the kit was "correct", the formatting was off, so when I went to the DMV, they made me completely fill out the form all over again anyway.

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  • I paid my money to them and never received anything. I emailed and called both groupon and the website - but it was $39.99 for me... I never received anything nor my money back. Hope you don't get ripped off too.
  • I did it and it was a TOTAL waste of money. While not an easy process to change your name, it's easy enough to do yourself. Please don't waste your money.
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