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Did you notice that one obnoxious guest?

Hey y'all who've been married!

I've seen several posts over the last few months that could be summarized as "I really dislike this person that I have to invite - having them there would ruin the wedding for me!" Whether it's personal issues, personality issues, or substance abuse issues, there always seems to be that one person.

Did you notice yours, if you had one? Were you distracted from your beautiful day by that one guy/gal you wish you could have deleted from the guest list? Or is it true that you don't have time to notice little things like that?

I'm hoping that if any of my guests become a nuisance, I'll be too happy and blithe to notice or care, but I wanted to hear what other people's experiences were.

Re: Did you notice that one obnoxious guest?

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    I wish I could say I didn't. But EVERYONE noticed the aunt known across three time zones as Aunt Witch.

    We had a super religious ceremony and a rather formal reception. Dinner was three served courses. The only child was my uncle's 14mo son. So our aunt decided to give him a tambourine just as dinner was being served. (The whole family was together for three days, but this was the moment she decided to present her gift.) 14mo wasn't particularly interested in it, so Aunt Witch decided to play it herself through a goodly portion of dinner and during about half of the reception. At least a half dozen people approached me about it, offering to 'take care of it.'

    It actually became funny because she managed, with a few tambourine solos, to prove to all of our friends and family just why she's known as something of a handful. I almost wish the photographer had captured it.
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