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First Dance

I think I FINALLY found the song! FI and I have been having trouble finding a song, and I'm just sitting here listening to Pandora when Louis Armstrong's version of "La Vie En Rose" comes up and I just have goosebumps! Gonna play it for FI when he gets home from work and see what he thinks. 

Anyone else have their first dance song picked out?
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Re: First Dance

  • We picked Last Love by Matrimony :) 

  • Crazy Girl by the Eli Young Band :) 
  • She is Love by Parachute !
  • I love that you guys all have such original songs!  I am letting my FI pick out the song and surprise me with it.  He's a musician and huge music nerd so I'm confident he'll pick out a good one.  I have my hunches on what it might be :)

  • @frenchiekin love that idea! My FI is also a musician and will be playing a traditional wedding song from his Sicilian heritage! He wholeheartedly approves of my choice of a first dance song, and it's really exciting because now I'll be honoring my French heritage with a French song! :)
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  • Thinking out loud by Ed Sherran <3
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  • That song is so sweet, @Tiffany101015! It will definitely be a hit at this season's weddings :)
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  • "I Only Have Eyes for You" - The Flamingos

    For the longest time, I wanted "Dontchange" by Musiq Soulchild to be my first wedding dance song. Like, it's the main part I imagined about my wedding before I even met my guy. But "IOHEFY" seemed too perfect to both of us, and we're having a classic, romantic wedding, so this will fit our theme.

    I'm a singer, and have a bunch of singer friends, so I'm having my friends sing a version of the Musiq Soulchild song, so it'll still be included. :)
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  • Patience by Guns N Roses is our first dance....it's our song, it wasn't even really a question for us to pick it, FI is a musician who's favorite band is GNR, it was just a no brainer.
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  • Then by Brad Paisley - I know it isn't the most original of songs but we had a "test drive" in our living room to our top picks and this one was just the clear choice as we played it and danced to it. It really spoke to both of us and you can't ask for more than that by a song.

    A close runner up was Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. We are going to use that as an anniversary dance at our wedding. I'm looking forward to that because my great aunt and uncle are going to be the last ones dancing and they've been married for like 50 years. So sweet :)
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  • We love music, and we like test to see what each other is thinking..soo, FH came up with the plan to have a list of songs we decided on 5 each, we bring them to the DJ and if we both picked one of the same songs that is our song. if not then we narrowed it down to 10 songs..

    We have not decided if we want to know what the song is until the DJ announces the song at the wedding, my FH had mentioned this part but I am not sure I can handle not knowing..

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  • We are using Tangled Up In You by Staind. My fiance really likes Aaron Lewis and we have seen him in concert together a few times. We are also big country fans so there were a few other songs we had in mind as well, but that one seemed most fitting for us. 
  • "Love Is Here to Stay" by Frank Sinatra is what we're going to dance to because it's short and fun, but we consider 'our song' to be Ingrid Michaelson's cover of "Can't Help Falling In Love."
  • Our is 'Feels Like Rain' by John Hiatt.  Perfect for our New Orleans wedding! :)
  • You and I (Nobody in the World) by John Legend.  I let my fiance pick the song, it was the only thing he had strong opinion on.
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    We finally decided on a cover of Adam Sandler's "Grow Old With You." Can't wait!

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  • We met with the DJ last night, and I finally talked my FI out of all the surprises at the wedding (he still doesn't want to know his song he is dancing with his mom)

    our song is Kip Moore "Hey Pretty Girl" it is the first concert we went to, the time we got our best picture, and the first song he danced with me to not that there are not many.

    @Ellis1228 that was one of my FI suggestions we love the Adam Sandler version. 


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