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Having a hard time finding a venue, already know what look I want, please help!

I have looked through hundreds of websites by now, it's hard for me to start weeding through which ones I am going to go see in person. I'm quite a perfectionist.

Originally I was wanting to go to Haiku Mill but it's at the top of my budget and I'd sacrifice most of my friends being able to come. I would like to keep everything under 10,000$ and I want my guests to eat. I am probably going to have 30 guests there total.

Pictures attached show what I am going for, I am open to ideas but want this general theme. I want a rustic gardens type venue with a lot of pictures and room to move around, dance, eat and have fun! I want a lot of light and would like a venue that lets you use it most of the day. I'm concerned about the weather as my date is set for april, I know it rains a lot and I sweat easy....

Linking my pins from pinterest incase anyone wants to look. https://www.pinterest.com/skribble1992/venue/

Re: Having a hard time finding a venue, already know what look I want, please help!

  • Another image becasue i'm not sure how to attach more than one at a time.
  • I'll bump with another picture of what I want.
  • Have you tried parks in your local area? Maybe an option if you're ok wth outside. Maybe get a tent in case it rains?

    A friend of mine was lookng int Longans place, not sure if hey meet what you're looking for but wrth a shot. And another girl I know got married at Estancia Culainaria, beautiful outdoor setting. I think you can arrange it how you like, so you may be able to have a set up like what you are thinking of in the pics.  

  • I feel that I am in the same boat as you. However I am looking at venues by website only since I live in NC but my family insist on the wedding being in south florida where they are all at. Anyway please let me know what you final choice was or close seconds. I wanted an outdoorsy with tents and a rustic feel but fear the rain and summer heat. 
  • I don't recommend anything outdoors in the summer, it is extremely hot and rains nearly every afternoon/ early evening. It has been in the high 80's lately and with the intense humidity feels like 100 degrees. That being siad, if you are set on outdoors in the summer I would look into parks, I hear Greyolds park has an nice area for weddings. Also, check parks in Broward area like tree tops park. I've heard good things. One thing to remember is that most Miami-Dade county parks dont allow liquor, beer and wine are ok. Matheson Hammock park has lots of trees that may provide some shade for the event. When I was looking and found a place a liked I googled "Wedding at____" and often found photographers sites with pictures from actual weddings they shot at these locations. That really helped me get a feel for the area without going there. Hope this helps.
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