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Taking photos after the RECEPTION?

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Anyone having a photo session later in the day, after the reception?

Re: Taking photos after the RECEPTION?

  • We chose not to because I wanted to enjoy cocktail hour and time with our guests. 
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  • I chose to have a photo tour between my ceremony and reception. I estimate it'll take about 2 hours. I know some people on the board aren't a fan of gaps, but I plan to distract my guests with appetizers and open bar. Plus, if they get bored they can always go to the casino. Originally I was gonna do it after my I was worried my groom might be too drunk and I'd be too tired. This way we can get it out of the way, and have the rest of the time to spend with guests. Our reception is at the MGM Grand Balcony Suite.
  • I decided to use the DDB so I didn't have to leave my guests. some of my guests haven't been to Vegas so I have booked it for 2 hours between my ceremony and reception so I can have my pictures taken. I am going to get on and off the bus for my pictures. I have hired an elvis entertainer for the bus and I am going to provide wine beer and water aswell. Not sure what the weather will be like in May though. X
  • I did photos between the ceremony and reception with the whole wedding party, then scheduled a photo session of just me and the groom a few days after the wedding. I wore my hair down and loose and he didnt wear a tie. Still wore my dress and he wore his suit but I liked the more "casual" look. Went out and took some desert shots then moved to downtown vegas, LOTS of fun! Had a lot more time to get some cool shots. I'm waiting on the photographer to send me the pics, he actually shot some with 35mm film.

    We left our guests for about an hour and a half between the ceremony and reception but never left the hotel. I instructed the guests to either go have a drink, walk around, or just hang out and watch us take pics. No one minded one bit, and actually a whole group went down to the center bar Alibi (in Aria) and had a shot together. I was worried my friends would be annoyed but their philosophy was more like "whatever, we're in vegas AND on vacation, we'll go get the party started!"
  • amiexx said:
    Not sure what the weather will be like in May though. X
    Wonderful. That's what the weather will be like in May.
  • We are going to have 2 hours scheduled in between ceremony and reception. As we are only a small group of close family coming I know they won't mind and I want shots with most of them as well. I also thought just get it out of the way and then we can enjoy on the evening. Most weddings in England the bridal party end up having photos for a few hours anyway and the family I spoke to were like there are casinos around, there are bars we are happy to have a gap. It's not like they are stranded in the middle of nowhere.
    I also thought that way there is no pressure or rush for guests to get from chapel to reception venue so everyone is relaxed and not on a tight schedule. We are planning on having a reception with drinks paid for in advance so I don't think it's too much of an ask to get people to entertain themselves for a little while in between.
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