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Day of Coordinator?

Has anyone booked a DOC or have a recommendation? I'm getting married 4/8/16 and it would be awesome to have some to help make the day go smoothly. Thanks for your help :)

Re: Day of Coordinator?

  • I have three popular ones at

    If you have third party vendors involved in your wedding day, I would definitely do it if any of them are in the budget because it makes the day so much easier to deal with.  I think I've seen a couple more mentioned on here that I'm sure others will post.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Thanks so much!! This is very helpful! For me, I feel like a DOC is a must. I'm hoping they can help direct guests through a ceremony at the Flamingo, a cocktail hour on a DDB, and an in-suite reception
  • I booked Faith from Faithfully Yours today! She seems great- thanks again for the suggestion! :)
  • x2 what Vegasgroom said. I'm planning from a distance with no scouting trip -- yup, we're going in blind (I've been to Vegas before but haven't personally seen any of our venues or vendors). Our ceremony and reception venues are in different places and I've got all different vendors coming in for our in-suite reception. All that said, I love my DOC and wish I'd got her sooner! 

    I would recommend contacting several planners/services. Find out exactly what's included in their DOC services (some will help herd vendors just before the wedding, some will help out with vendor recommendations, some have a limit or a timeframe on calls/emails and some are unlimited, and some literally will not lift a finger until the day of -- however, ALL of them will be clear about all of the above). Try to schedule a phone call or Skype with the ones you like to see if they fit your personality and seem to "get" what you want out of your event -- good fit is absolutely crucial for a job like this and I definitely got the sense that some planners do better with certain types of weddings.

    I ended up going with Archel Rolwing Events. Archel and her assistant Brittney have been awesome. I'm really looking forward to meeting them and I'm confident that they'll do a great job. (Whoever you pick, make sure you feel the same way about them -- the DOC is the one taking the reins on your wedding day and they're supposed to be making things easier on you, the LAST thing you want is a DOC you have to worry about!)

    Don't bother contacting Andrea Eppolito Events. She sent back an e-mail pretending she'd never heard of such a thing as a "DOC," and then suggested I contact a girl who had no portfolio at all and whose website straight up said she's a "former entertainer" who got into wedding planning. If you don't offer the service, fine, you don't offer the service, but no reason to be a bitch about it!

    Also, the numbers I got for DOC for my fairly simple/casual small event ranged from $750 (above-mentioned "entertainer") to $1800. Some services have a flat rate, some want to know the details of your event before they quote you. Some of those were for 1 person, some for 2 (DOC + assistant), and the $1800 was for 3 (DOC + 2 assistants). 
  • Ahh, I was typing that while you were posting you already got someone! Sorry! But maybe it will help others. 
  • @Knottie00075450 who are you working with at Flamingo? I have Jazmin who has been great I plan on her directing everyone during the ceremony and to get on DDB when it arrives. I do have a DOC who is helping me if anything comes up during the getting ready portion (meeting person at Jason's Deli when snacks arrive, getting bottles of water set up on chairs at ceremony) then during ceremony she will be mtg with my DJ and staff at The Orleans to assist with giving direction and setting up decorations (not much). My DOC is through Culinary Pros $40 an hr. I a DIY and giving her the direction and I just need her for a little extra support and direction throughout the day for unexpected things that might pop up
  • I used Scheme Events. They were $1,500 and I got a DOC and she (Francesca) brought an assistant. I HIGHLY recommend them!!! So much peace of mind. She set up my whole reception so we walked in and everything was decorated. she connected with all my vendors the week before to make sure everyone was on the same page. she created a breakdown schedule of the entire day and I was able to send it to the whole wedding party so there was no confusion as to where/when they had to be. It was very easy to get the day set up and everything went flawlessly. Worth every penny!
  • I booked Faith and my wedding is in October. She was VERY knowledgable when I met up with her during my scouting trip. I've heard good things about her, and while my friends offered to help, I feel much better bossing a DOC around than my friends. I'll let you know how it goes!
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