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Logistical Nightmares

Hello Everyone!

So we have roughly 2 hotel changes, 1 private estate his family is staying at (and we are staying one night between hotel exchanges) and wedding party staying at different hotels. 

I'm just so lost where to start :( 

I know the strip traffic is AWFUL at night, and my mom wants to have dinner Friday night on the strip...friday night people! We are staying off strip at Orleans the first 3 nights, then transferring over to Bellagio for wedding weekend. 

Friday night, everyone wants to hit Fremont St., we have a rental car to help get us around, but still. so much going on! But first they have to go get tuxes fitted because his dad (best best man) isn't getting in till like 7 pm Friday night. So we are taking rental to airport, picking up dad, then the guys are going straight from there to men's warehouse (in our rental).....I'm gonna stay with his family and go over to rental car place to get their rentals, help them get to their estate....but before then, my mom wants to have dinner on the strip. Not sure we will make it in time if stuck in traffic on the strip! 

Then meet all back up at the estate, get organized and head to Fremont st. -- but somehow get my best friend who is staying at Bally's there....should I even try to pick them up? Or have them get a taxi and meet us there?

Should I just wave the white flag and say, everyone meet me here or there instead of me trying to go to everyone? Because I'm getting overwhelmed :(  I'm also about to say screw it and pay for another night at the hotel we are staying at to just do one hotel transfer!

Please help!

I'd be so grateful!!! 

Re: Logistical Nightmares

  • How many people are we talking about here? 5? 10? 20? More?

    Either way, I would try to make it as simple on yourself as possible. People will understand that you cannot do everything and be everywhere at once. 

    If timing is a concern Friday night, I would let go of dinner on the strip. If everyone wants to go to Fremont Street anyway, maybe just have dinner there?
  • Traffic on the strip can be avoided by using the side streets for the most part; so I wouldn't worry too much about getting in and out of strip resorts if you plan your route well.

    Regarding Fremont, that one is very easy, just park in Golden Nugget's garage, it's clean, well lit and not very expensive.  It's about a one hundred yard walk from the garage through the Rush Tower check in, past gaming and you're on Fremont right in the middle.

    The Bally's pickup is not too bad either; have the person being picked up meet you on the Flamingo Road side entrance where busses pick up and drop off.  You can turn in and then leave without having to navigate through the strip (if you're on the east side of it already).  If you have to cross the strip, that intersection is a little slow but not bad.  Picking up would definitely be nice because a cab from ballys to fremont is going to be probably $20+

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  • I would tell people they are on their own. Sounds like you are doing waaaay too much when you should be enjoying yourself. I did 3 airport pickups and that was more than enough for me. In fact it is one of the things I wish I wouldn't have done as it made me frantic and cranky. 

    I agree that there are some great spots on Fremont to eat...that would save one issue. 
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  • I just had my wedding this past weekend, and although we only had 30 people, I will just say this - KEEP IT SIMPLE. Do not stress yourself out, I feel like you already have a lot on your plate on Friday. Keep dinner as a "maybe" since getting to Mens Warehouse is way more important. Have a time that everyone can meet at Fremont. Do not try to pick everyone up. This is hard to let go of as you will feel guilty, but trust me, I just spent all weekend trying to herd 25-30 people together and I swear it is like herding freaking cats. Even great friends with the best of intentions.

    I switched hotels mid week and although I know it's expensive but you may want to avoid moving from the hotel, to the estate, back to another hotel. It's stressful and you'll have way more crap to haul around than you realize.

    Do not feel guilty about overruling other people when it comes to this weekend. Ours was successful overall because I had to put my foot down several times and say, "no, we are doing it this way and not wavering." And I wasn't even a bridezilla! Vegas is big, people drag their feet and will not stick to timelines so get it as streamlined as possible!

    Good luck to you, it will all be ok! <3
  • Wow, thanks everyone so much! 
    silver blade thank you for helping me calm my nerves a bit. 

    We have 41 people coming. We decided to  just pay for one more night at the hotel, so it's hotel to hotel. One transfer except when we check out of the Bellagio day after wedding. No big deal it will be great to relax at the estate after that crazy wedding weekend. 

    Vegasgroom! Woah, HUGE help, thanks for the heads up and suggestions, I will def. write those down!! 

    I know a few of my friends/family will not stick to timelines on dinners or places to hang. They will show up to cocktail party and wedding I'm sure of, but they may be hard to pin down, lol and thats okay! 

    Thanks guys really thank you. This is a great forum for us who are days away and beginning the freak out phase of this endeavor! 

    For the cocktail party what do you all suggest as a fun game, we were thinking of doing a take on newlywed game ... and maybe one more, but can't think of any. Just one or two cause the rest we want everyone to show the Fountain show and just mingling! 

    Thanks guys, really from the bottom of heart. 
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