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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

People leaving too early

For those that felt people were leaving too early from their reception... what time did your reception start?  I'm trying to get a better gauge on a timeline.  I guess I'm just trying to see if there is a trend regarding start-time and people heading out.  Thoughts?  I completely agree that there are many other variables (music, weather, individuals, etc.) but I just thought I'd throw it out there...
White Knot

Re: People leaving too early

  • Our cocktail hour was 6-7 then we moved into the reception room.  Dinner was served around 7:30.  I know some people did leave after dinner but I couldn't tell you how or what time they left.  To be honest I think people will leave early regardless of the time or how fun it is.  We had numerous guests tell us that ours was the most fun wedding they've ever been to, and we still had some people leave after dinner.  Sometimes people just have other committments or reasons to leave that you can't control, and some people just don't like staying after dinner.
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  • I did not feel that people left too early from my reception.  My wedding was at 2 PM with a gap and the cocktail hour was at 5 PM. The wedding ended around 3:10 or so and people arrived at the reception hall around 4 so there was an hour gap.  Most of them were half an hour late to the cocktail hour because they were exploring the theme park and it was a huge hotel.  Dinner was served at 6:30 to 7:30.  Then we had dancing and then the cake cutting/garter was at 8:30.  The reception ended at 10PM.  Most people stayed till then.  There was a small group on the floor the whole time but people were just talking a lot and there was open bar the whole night.  It was also a small wedding so I think people liked the chance to catch up with relatives and the intimacy of it.  
  • Thanks so much, everybody!  I didn't really think about it like that as far as getting a chance to have a more intimate experience with the people that stuck around... I guess it's a win-win either way.  :-)
    White Knot
  • People definitely left our wedding too early. Our wedding was early- at 1PM. We let everyone go ahead and eat while we finished pictures (we had a buffet) and by the time we were done cutting the cake probably half our guests had left including some immediate family!! I wasn't very happy- I had been looking forward to talking to everyone. Plus, they didn't get their favors and there were not very many people to throw bird seed at the end. (that was okay- that crap hurt lol)
  • I've read that the attention span of most guests is around 5-6 hours total :) Me, I'll stay as long as you keep feeding me!
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