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Photo Album Recs?

Does anyone have any recommendations for where to get a professional-looking wedding album made? We had a few close friends do the photography for us (and the pictures came out better than we could have hoped!) but we have to make our own album now. We'd really like the hard pages, not the cheap books you can order off shutterfly, etc.
Any ideas?

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Re: Photo Album Recs?

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  • If you want to go the online route I'm using My Publisher.  I have a friend who used them for her wedding album and it turned out awesome.  They have all sorts of options so you can really customize it. They have regular sales too so you could watch for one of them.
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    I'm going to check out this website. I can't really afford how much my photographer charges, so this might be a good option.
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  • Mpix is high quality for photos but I have never ordered books from them. I am certain they are just as high quality from Mpix. 

    My publisher does a very nice job on photo books and has an easy way to lay out the pages. Although they do not have the cardboard like pages. My Publisher does have thick paper with lay flat pages.
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    I just recieved the one I made from  It's a professional site for folks who want to publish their own books... wedding photo albums is just one subset of the type you can make.  You have to download a program to use, but it was so easy and so much fun! (this from someone who is NOT creative in the slightest.  We're thrilled with how it came out, and it was just a fraction of the cost of the pro album (and much better quality than shutterfly, vistaprint etc).  You can choose your grade and type of paper, soft or hard cover with image wrap picture or dust cover.
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  • Vexie, that sounds like just what I'm looking for - can you get the thick, flush mount pages, or is it just regular photo paper kinds of pages?
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    We used Shutterfly and I really loved our album. If I'm not mistaken, they do flush mount as well but it was just more than we wanted to spend. Their tools online were very user-friendly as well. They have pre-made layouts you can use or you can do your own thing. I had a coupon and a 50 page album with a leather cover was only like $50 including shipping. Some of the lesser expensive books do look "cheap," but ours definitely doesn't and it wasn't even their most expensive. It just depends what route you go.

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  • I used Photobook America for parent albums and our wedding album.  There was a Groupon for them a month or two ago.  The parent albums came out great.  Unfortunately, our wedding album had issues.  I have to say the PA has great customer service.  I logged my complaint on Friday, upon their request I sent photos of the ink issues on Monday, and received an email yesterday saying they're re-printing our album.  I'm pleased.  I'd use them again even though we ran into a snafu.
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  • I made our parents and our photo books from shutterfly, that were awesome! I waited until I got a 50% off code...well, to be fair I didn't know that there was such a thing as. 50%, the most I had ever seen up to that point was 30% but our albums were as big as you can build them so the savings was much appreciated!!
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  • I highly recommend Adoramapix albums, too.  I don't know if they do flush-mount, but they DO do lay-flat pages.  We made our parents wedding album books for Christmas presents, and they turned out absolutely beautiful.
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  • I'm not an old married yet, but I just wanted to second MyPublisher. They do lay flat pages and the quality is great with lots of options. It has software that you download with lots of layouts depending on how many pictures you want on the page. There is also a 2 page spread option if you want a pic to go across the middle.
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