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Thank you notes.......

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone's finally planning is going well and everyone is calm and having fun. 

I am wondering what the group is doing with Thank you notes for wedding gifts. We got our first 2 gifts in this week =). I wanted to have thank you notes printed with a wedding photo on them but am worried that waiting will seem rude. So, I wrote out thank you notes out and have them sitting on my table. 

One of the gifts is from someone that is coming to my shower in a few weeks.....and a family member. 

I am sure that I am over thinking what I should do....figured I would get a kick in the head from the group since everyone is always nice and helpful 
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Re: Thank you notes.......

  • You should write and send thank you notes as soon as possible after receiving the gift. You should not wait until after the wedding to send the notes. People want to know that you received their gift. Please do not wait for the thank you notes with a wedding photo on them as it will take quite a while for you to receive them thus making it a long time for the gift giver to get thanked. Also, I do hope you are writing a personalized note in the card and not having a generic thank you printed. I'm just saying that because I have seen that done. It is not ok to do that! 
  • Hi...No all my thank you notes are personal...I was raised correctly =). That is why I know that I should send them right away but have been given some bad advise about wedding stuff from other people who told me to wait and other things that is why I wanted to see what others are doing. 

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  • Good to know! I wasn't quite sure what you meant by printed that's why I said that. Some people just print a card that says thank you for the gift and don't write anything personal to the giver! That just really bugs me!! Who ever told you to wait is wrong though. Besides, if you wait you just have more work to do after the wedding. If you do them as the gifts arrive, you are getting them done a little at a time, and it won't seem like such a big job! 
  • Definitely send it right away. People will be wanting to know that you received their gift. Waiting for photos could put you way outside an acceptable time frame of thanking someone for the gift. As lovely as a photo from the day would be, I think guests would appreciated a prompt response more than a delayed photo.

  • I've received a few gifts and have sent out the thank you note right away.
  • I send them out right away.  I had a shower and wrote those the day after and mailed them the day after that.  

    I used regular thank you cards that I got from Target, but I also had 50 printed up from our engagement session... we had a pic taken of us holding a thank you sign.  But they arrived after I sent my shower notes so I will just use them for gifts we receive at the wedding or anything that comes in between now and then.
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  • Send them out right away. 
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