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Need help with a few things....Makeup/Shoes/Reception/Bridal Salons...TY!


I had a few questions regarding, makeup/shoes/rehearsal dinner/bridal salons....

1. Makeup - I have 2 trials set up with Lei V Agency and Your Beauty Call. I love both of them but am leaning towards Lei V because of the airbrush. Is airbrush makeup better for oily skin? So worried, I don't want to be shiny and running...

2. Anyone know any comfortable yet sexy looking shoes with platforms? I am having such a hard time =(

3. We are having a rehearsal dinner with family and close friends....should we do a welcome reception for guests? We are only having 50 guests max. I feel like we are going to see them on Saturday anyway, what's the point. 

4. Are there any good bridal salons that have Mother of the Bride outfits/evening wear in the vegas area? 

Thanks for all the help!!

Re: Need help with a few things....Makeup/Shoes/Reception/Bridal Salons...TY!

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    #1: From what I understand, it's really the texture of your skin that decides how good airbrush makeup is going to look. It's not categorically better or worse than traditional makeup.   

    #3: It's up to you. They're really nice for weddings in places where there's not much to do, but if you can't find something to do in Vegas, you're doing it wrong. 

    (Can't help with 2 or 4, sorry)
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