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Indie/Alternative DJ Miami?

We are British but getting married in Miami and struggling to find a DJ who understands our tastes.
Does anyone know of a good DJ in the Florida area who specialises in Indie or alternative music? 
We don't necessarily need anyone ultra hip, just someone who has an appreciation of people like The Smiths, The Cure, The Jam etc etc...
Thanks in advance!

Re: Indie/Alternative DJ Miami?

  • Look at the knot vendors, or wedding wire vendors pages - find a single DJ (not a multi-system company).  Start there.  

    Also, ask the venue you are using for suggestions for awesome and professional non-cookie cutter DJS, and then also ask your photographer.  Those people see everyone.  

    Seriously, Smiths and The Cure - you are not asking for anything that unusual - you just need to click with someone who "gets you".  

    Good Luck!

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