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Cocktail Party concerns

Hello All,

We are having a cocktail party at the Bellagio Penthouse. It said that no outside alcohol is accepted. Their charges and cost are just so crazy there is no way we could afford it. 

So, we got a bartender and buying the alcohol ourselves. I'm concerned that they can come in the room and confiscate it? Is that true? 

I would be so humiliated and upset if this happens and it's weighing heavily on my mind. 

Any advice how this has worked for anyone in the past? 

(I figured we have already spent about 9,000 at Bellagio for our wedding, reception and renting the Penthouse not including what our guests will be spending on gambling, drinks when they are hanging out around downstairs, etc.  I would hope they could give us some break) 

Anything to help calm my nerves would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Cocktail Party concerns

  • I can't speak directly about the Bellagio, but I can give some feedback based on the SkyLofts at MGM (scouting trip). 

    If the penthouse is anything like the SkyLofts, you probably would have to tip the hotel staff pretty big to get away with it. With their private entrance, unpacking/packing service and high-end boutique security, I doubt anyone could get away with it at SkyLofts. It's why we ultimately eliminated it from our venue shortlist.

    If it's like the Wraparound Terrace at the Cosmo where it's just a fancy room on the hotel floor, you should have no issue whatsoever.
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    What kind of access does the penthouse have?  If it's just a different elevator that requires a key card, that might be doable.  

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Yeah, it does require a key card, I think it's gonna take a lot of luggage and duffle bags :/

  • As long as it doesn't have manned security like the elevator entrance to the Palms penthouse tower, shouldn't be a problem.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • My dad did exactly what you are planning to do and had no issues. He did however have to smuggle the booze and glasses in and out in suitcases. 

    I'd say go for it!
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