October 2015 Weddings

I can breath... I swear!

59 days at this point until 10.10.15

We have been planning our wedding for over a year and a half now, and I've never been so busy. At least its keeping me on my toes!

In 11 days I am going on a business trip across the world for a week. Exciting!
In 19 days my 3 classes for this semester will be over and done with, yay!
In 20 days we will be moved into our new home.
In 39 days we are set for bachelorette party.
In 41 days another business trip for a week.
In 59 days we are getting married. 
In 60 days honeymoon!

I'm so excited! =D

Re: I can breath... I swear!

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    Yay!! I'm with you, OP... busy, but it's definitely a good kind of busy! :)

    Today, my wedding ring will be here!
    Tomorrow, I have my dress fitting.
    In 2 days, FI and I will be heading to NY to see the band that we first bonded over. 
    In 1 week, I have my hair and makeup trial.
    In 12 days, it's my birthday!
    In 15 days, my bridal shower.
    In 20 days, we're meeting to finalize the menu at the venue.
    In 51 days, we GET MARRIED!
    And in 52 days, we leave for our honeymooon!

    I'm sure there are more days in there somewhere, but that's what I have in my countdown app :)
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    Yay congrats! Mine is the same day Koe2015. Your life sounds like mine! I have about 4 business trips before my wedding on 10.10. I've moved cross country and within an hour away in the past 4 months. Lots of showers, parties and whatnot, but just remember to take it easy, and everything will fall into place and it will be here before you know it!
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