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October brides!

Any other October brides? I am October 20th it's really getting close! Anyone else stressing and excited at the same time? I am almost 'done' but that list just won't stop growing!
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Re: October brides!

  • Oct 5 here! Getting super stressed and excited OMG!!!
  • Oct 16 Friday Flamingo Garden Gazebo Stardust In suite reception. Surprisingly RSVP are coming in steadly and have 82 peeps. Joint Bach parties on 10/13. All vendors have been great!
  • Yay! I'm super excited! I'll be thinking of you guys on your days!
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  • Oct 15th at Wynn! 2 months tomorrow!!! Saying at Cosmopolitan for the week. Bachelor/ette parties on the 13th too so we might run into you on the strip @Futuremrshauger !

    What does everyone have left on their "to-do" list? I still have to:

    Book guest transport

    Hire a bartender for the in-suite reception

    Send out invitations

    Order cakes (we're just getting cheesecakes from Cheesecake Factory!)

    Buy / make hangover kits as favours

    Oh, and we don't have wedding rings yet!

    Other than that I think I'm almost done :)

  • To do:
    Get dress fitted (and then decide if I wanna ship or carry)
    Book photo tour transport
    Hire bartender
    Order cakes (we're doing bundt cakes)
    Figure out first dance songs and if we're gonna learn a dance or not
    Finalize Bachelorette party details
  • We've got to book transportation. I'm shipping dresses and decor to my MOH bc she is driving. Finalize details and make final payments. Finish with our webcasting 'invites' , welcome bag information packet and get a couple of articles of clothing for the guys and we are done! I can't wait!
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  • I'm an October 15th bride also sasalew With hen party on the 13th! Cannot believe how fast it is coming round! Still need to decide on music and flowers! It's all the small things and day of timing I'm needing to get organised! Nearly are time October brides
  • Anyone else over budget yet. ugh
  • Definitely over budget and still paying out!
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  • Hi @lvbride2015 - date twin!!!! :D So excited! Where's your wedding / hen party?
  • Wedding is at Ceasars palace Juno gardens at 4pm followed by limo strip tour and Maggianos. Hen party I really struggled with decided on - Paris for dinner,jubilee show then Hyde! I still might change my mind yet!! How about you what are your plans? When do you arrive in Vegas? Soooo excited
  • We arrive in Vegas on Thursday 8th Oct - staying for 12 days in total! We're coming from the UK so wanted plenty of time before the wedding to recover from the flight and also finish up any last minute errands.

    I struggled with ideas for the hen too, but we've gone for cabanas at the Cosmo pool during the day, then High Roller ride at sunset and dinner at Chayo hopefully. After that I have no plan, just hoping to bar-hop in the Linq / mid-Strip area!

  • If you don't mind my asking, will the pool still be open? Some close in September and I was wondering because a couple of my guests have asked. Thanks!
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  • Cosmo have the Boulevard pool open, Bamboo pool is closed for the season though. Most hotels will for sure still have a pool open in October, but most of the pool parties will have ended. Hope that helps! Are you staying in Cosmo too?
  • Thank you! I will look into it. We are getting married and staying there and then Paris. :smile:
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  • Oops we are at Planet Hollywood.
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  • I stayed at Planet Hollywood over Halloween a few years ago and the pool was open so you should be good, we were there everyday!

    When I stayed there last Feb the pool was closed but we could use the pool next door at Paris for free :)

    And I've just booked my cabana at Cosmopolitan so their pool is 100% open

  • October? Oh gosh, that's me! Booked it yesterday, 3pm on Oct 21st at the Office of Civil Marriages. It'll be the quietest, most low key wedding in Vegas that day. We're 'eloping' from the UK, both in our sixties, been together for 16 years and aren't telling our grown up children until after the event as we don't want a fuss. Having said that, I do admit to being a tad excited (trying to maintain a stiff British upper lip) :D
  • Yay! Congratulations! You're the day after us!
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  • I feel like it's going to go so quickly now! Sorting out all the final bits and pieces. Sasalew I'm from the UK also so know what you mean trying to get on there time and get other bits finished! Need to write out a to do list with what's left to do!
  • Next month we all get married!! Eekkkk How are you all getting on with plans? What do you all have left to do? Not long to go now
  • Getting so close!! We've had a busy few weeks working through the to-do list. I had my first dress fitting, we've sent out our invites / itinerary / Vegas guides, we had small UK hen & stag nights last weekend and we've made all of our reservations for the Vegas hen & stag parties.

    This week the Mr is contacting limo companies to arrange guest transport and I'm emailing Masterpiece Cuisine trying to get the bar sorted for our reception. Also going to work on table plans as we need to get details confirmed for our meal asap. Oh, and still haven't bought wedding rings!

  • Almost down to one month for me. Still gotta prefill out the wedding application. What a bummer that they raised the rate right before we get married, huh??
  • @adverb I was not aware of this. I need to get on that along with getting my music to DJ.
  • Didn't know about the rate either, what is it now @adverb ?
  • I feel like we slacked this last month, but this weekend we are booking transportation and finalizing our ceremony paperwork. We are waiting for the stationary place to finish mock ups for approval, I've got to get my ring and bands in for soldering, get my hair done, make nail appointments and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I was unaware of the fees going up either! Anyone know to what? And what are you guys thinking about it supposedly going to be a bit cooler for vegas this fall? I need it to be warm! We are coming from chilly Illinois and want some warm weather! Even though it's in the 90's here today lol
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  • I am coming from MN and we also need it to be warm. Majority of my guests have never gone to Vegas.
  • My MOH is coming from MN too! She has only been once when she was really little so it's like her first time there too I want everything to be fabulous!
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  • They JUST raised the marriage license filing rate a month or so ago? It's $77 now. It was... 63 I think. It's not a huuuge increase. But dangit, it's the principle of the matter. Ahh well!
  • Good to know thank you!
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