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MARRIED 8.1.15! Reviews! Aria Chapel, Firefly, Scheme Events, AWG Limo, Gin & Sake, Gimme Some Sugar

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YAYAYYAYAYAY  We are finally married!! Just got back a few days ago! This board was SUPER helpful this past year in planning this event. Yall are just awesome <3 New Vegas brides, welcome! I will hang out for awhile to help where I can as I feel like planning this was a crowning achievement in my life. Hell, I wish I could put it on my resume. YES it was fairly hot, but we are from Florida so no one died in the heat. I had chiffon bridesmaid dresses to keep it light.

Here are the details:
Married 8.1.15 at 2pm, Aria wedding chapel
28 total guests including myself and the groom
Stayed in Vegas a total of 12 DAYS! (wedding and honeymoon rolled into 1)

(2pm) Aria Wedding Chapel: A+++

This place is GORGEOUS. Literally looks just like the pictures. My guests were super impressed and my jaw dropped when I walked in. Well worth the base cost. I had Erika Neiderberger as my coordinator and she was also there on the day of my wedding. Incredibly helpful over the course of the year. Very sweet and has a very calm demeanor in person so her just being there put me at ease on my wedding day. The chapel is very organized, on time, and the officiant did a great job. They explain how the day will go so you never feel anxious that you don't get a rehearsal. Honestly you don't need even one. You also don't really need to upgrade the decor as the chapel is not large and the aisle just comfortably fits you and whoever is walking you down. Save that money. 

(6 nights) Aria Hotel: A

I enjoyed staying at the Aria (We stayed 6 nights) and their beds were comfy. There is a person at the base of the hotels checking room keys, and although that's nice when you are a guest there, it is super annoying when about 10 people need to get to your room in the span of 3-4 hours because that’s where the bridal party is getting ready. I swear the people manning the podium at the bottom must change guards like 4x an hour - there was always someone different there and hassling the bridal party about going up and down, even though they had full makeup/hair done and were clearly wearing bridesmaid dresses.

We had issues 3x with room keys. They would randomly stop unlocking our room and we’d have to go back to the front desk and get new ones. I won’t talk about how long of a walk that is after being awake for 24 hours. Not cool.

Re: MARRIED 8.1.15! Reviews! Aria Chapel, Firefly, Scheme Events, AWG Limo, Gin &amp; Sake, Gimme Some Sugar

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    (3:45pm) AWG Ambassador: A+

    Showed up on time, at the right location (Aria Bus Tour Lobby), and driver was very friendly. I’ve heard some negative reviews about them in the past but everything went smoothly with me.

    (4:30pm) Firefly on Paradise: A+++

    We rented their private room and had the food served buffet-style. My guests STILL talk about how delicious the food was! I worked with Fernanda the private dining manager and she had everything ready to go as soon as we walked in. LOVE LOVE LOVE the food!

  • (DOC) Scheme Events: A+++

    I worked with Francesca throughout and she brought Tara to assist for the day.  They were both AWESOME! Francesca built me a full day schedule which was a godsend. I sent to it to the entire wedding party, mothers, as well as my photographer so that everyone knew what was going on throughout the day. I did not want my phone blowing up with 20 people asking me what was going on. They also set up the reception and decorations for us. I gave them a lot of creative liberty on how to make the tables pretty and the tables came out great. Everything ran so smooth with them, would highly recommend getting a day of coordinator no matter how organized you are!

  • Gimme Some Sugar: A

    The cake turned out beautiful and exactly like the picture I sent them so I will give them an A+ for decoration, but only a B+ on flavor. I was hoping for an amazing tasting cake, but it was fairly average in taste. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to write home about either. Oh well, the pictures turned out great.

    (7 hours +) Gin and Sake Photography: A+++

    I CANNOT say enough wonderful things about Brandon, owner of Gin and Sake. He is a true photographer and has an eye for true, emotional shots. He is extremely easy to work with and very receptive to ideas. I wanted to have a photo shoot a few days after the wedding as my husband and I never got to take engagement photos. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted so I told Brandon to just take us to cool places around Vegas that he likes. He took us outside of the city to a dry desert lakebed and shot with a badass 35mm camera. I’m from Florida so we don’t have scenery like that – I can’t WAIT to see the results! He showed us one teaser photo because he “didn’t want to ruin the surprise” and I was blown away with what I could see on a tiny 3” screen (he did a few test shots in digital to get the settings dialed in). He sent us teaser shots from the wedding and they are stunning! I cant wait to post the pics when they come in. His pricing was very reasonable too (Middle ground for photographers in Vegas).


    Surprisingly, my whole day went off without a hitch! No huge hiccups or bumps in the road. Please feel free to ask questions on scheduling or anything else! <3

  • Congratulations and thanks so much for the reviews!!
  • Congratulations!!! Your reviews are awesome. I can't wait to see the photos!!!
  • Sounds amazing, congrats!! Can't wait to see some photos, everything else I've seen from Gin and Sake has been gorgeous :D

  • Please post pics! Now I'm dying to see your cake!
  • Sounds great!!!

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  • Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Its so good to hear that you had a great experience! I cant believe I'm finally less then a year away from getting married. Congratulations :) 
  • Thank you for posting this! I've booked Gin & Sake for my wedding and I've found Brandon to be incredibly friendly and easy to communicate with. I'm happy to hear you had a great experience. Congratulations to you!
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