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Nixing the cake cutting?

Hi all, We're just doing cupcakes (plus misc desserts) instead of having a cake. We're not planning on doing a "cupcake cutting" but I had an idea to just feed each other the cupcakes. Is this common? Is that weird to just go up and feed each other cupcakes? And if anyone's done this before, how did the DJ announce it, if no cutting is going on?

Thanks so much!

P.S. I first posted it to "Food and Cakes" before I saw this board just now. So it's cross-posted, I'll delete the other if necessary.

Re: Nixing the cake cutting?

  • You don't have to cut a cupcake or anything. I think you're perfectly fine to just feed each other. Have the DJ announce it as the bride and groom opening the desert table by feeding each other the first cupcake. Feeding each other is symbolic of you two providing for each other. You could even have the DJ mention something along those lines.

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  • Honestly, while I think it's perfectly sweet if the two of you want to feed each other a bite of cupcake, as a guest I think it would be weird to have the DJ announce it so I can stop what I'm doing just to watch you do that.  I think it would better suited to just grab your cupcake and have your sweet little moment at your table and let your photographer know you're doing it if you want pictures of it. But as a guest I don't need you to call attention to it.  I barely care when it's a cake cutting and hardly ever stop what I'm doing to actually watch it - except that I know that soon there will be cake and cake is delicious - I think I'd care even less if it was just grabbing a cupcake.

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