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Bachelorette Party at Red Rocks & Casino

Hey gals, I'm still deciding what I want to do for my bachelorette party on Saturday, Oct 3. Originally I was thinking Freemont, but I'm worried it's gonna be super crowded and super packed.

I was also thinking about Red Rocks Casino. They have this AWESOME 13-piece orchestra that plays every Saturday night. We could get bottle service for 8 people for $150 (plus tax and gratuity). Sounds like not a bad deal. There's also places to eat  - I was looking at the sharing menu for the mexican restaurant Mercadito and it looks delicious and I'm pretty sure has an outdoor patio. There's also cosmic bowling at the casino. I was also thinking we could take a stop at Red Rocks National Park. Maybe not spend a whole lot of time, but just drive around and get out at a bunch of stops to take pictures.

My only concern is that we are most likely staying on strip, so if people want to bail early it'll be harder for them to get back (although that would have been an issue with freemont too). I also worry I'm planning too much, but if we're gonna go to Red Rocks I'd like to pack what I can since it's far away. I was thinking of maybe heading down there around 4?

Thoughts? Thanks!

Re: Bachelorette Party at Red Rocks & Casino

  • For what it's worth, we almost did Red Rock Casino for our whole shebang because the setting is so cool, the suites are INCREDIBLE, and the staff we were in contact with (catering manager Lydia Pierce, I forget the name of the group dining manager) were SO nice and thorough and helpful and great. We couldn't make it work with our budget, though -- a downside of the place is that a lot of things are even more expensive than they are on the strip, because you can't just go down the street to the next hotel like you can on the strip. 

    I guess it depends on whether you think people are going to want to bail early or all leave at different times, and if those people would mind shelling out for the cab ride if they did leave. If they don't mind paying extra to leave early (basically), or if everyone's pretty committed to coming and leaving at the same time, I don't think it's that big of a problem. You'll be able to socialize during the ride if you're all together.
  • Oh thanks for the heads up. Red Rock wouldn't be the whole shebang - just the bachelorette. I was impressed with the price of bottle service LOL.

    I mean since I was originally considering Fremont, that would be a long cab ride too. I could stay on the strip, but I wouldn't mind getting out on a Saturday night.

    I think I'm leaning heavily towards doing it.
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