Table/Chair rental

So, my FI and I are going to see a venue next Wednesday and they offer table/chair rental.

I'm not too familiar with pricing, but is $10/60" round table and $2/chair a good price?

This price also includes set up and tear down by venue staff.


Re: Table/Chair rental

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    That seems like a reasonable price.  What's the venue?  Do they rent you the tables and chairs they already own on their premise, or do they partner with a rental company?  

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    I'm not sure @donethat...I'll have to ask! I was under the impression that it was what they already owned on the premises. The venue is the Old Blue Rooster Event Center in Groveport.
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    @Jax43615, yes - that's what I was thinking.  It sounds like the "on premise" table and chair rental option is part of the rental fee/service.  I'm not sure you could find a less expensive option from an outside vendor that would also include delivery/set up/tear down.  

    I was curious, so just looked at their website and options.  It looks like the tables and chair rentals are all half price (from what you mentioned above) if you set up and tear down your self (or assign friends to do it) , but I think the labor is the most reasonable cost :-)

    Good luck - let us know how it goes!  

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    Yes, I did notice the half price option but wasn't sure if there would really be anyone available to tear down...or if anyone would WANT to. I don't want to make them feel obligated.

    We are visiting Wednesday so I will definitely ask a few questions about the tables/chairs

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