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Beauty and the Beast

Hallo all,

So, my wedding is over a year and a half away, but I figure the earlier I can get started the less stressful it'll be in the end.  So far I know I want to DIY as much as possible (I love party planning and I'm trying to start a business so a $50000 wedding isn't happening - plus that seems ridiculous to me anyway), I want it to be about both of us not just the bride, and that scene from Beauty and the Beast in the ballroom is sort of my current inspiration.  Oh and I want something that's us rather than straight out of a bridal magazine, but that's sort of a judgement call.

Anyone got any ideas they've seen or used themselves?

Re: Beauty and the Beast

  • If budget is a major concern, just keep in mind that DIY doesn't always save you money, and sometimes it's so time consuming it's not worth it. I'm not saying you can't DIY a lot of stuff, just don't go in assuming that DIY is automatically going to be your best deal.  On that same note, shop around for venues, because beautiful ballrooms don't always come cheap.

    Other that that, your first step is to sit down with your FI and establish a budget. After that, put together a guest list, after that, start looking at venues. You still have a good bit of time, it's crucial that you do those first three steps in order. Your venue has to fit both your budget and your guest list, not the other way around. 

    As far as the Beauty and the Beast inspiration goes, I totally get it. I'm 7 years old at heart, at that's (still) my favorite movie. My centerpieces are B&tB inspired (see pic).  What are your color ideas? Blue and gold maybe? Or are you just going for the overall formal ballroom type feel (like the scene you mentioned) and not pulling too much from the actual movie?

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  • Yellow, grey, and purple are what we're thinking for colours.  The yellow works with that scene, and then the grey and purple just look good imo.  I like your centerpiece.  I was thinking something simple with roses to sort of give the general feel, but not be too obvious. 

    Thanks for the advice!  We figured out a budget tonight and we're working on the guest list.  I doubt we'll be able to find an actual ballroom in town, but I'm hoping we can still get the vibe we want with some creative decorating (I really want a chandelier). 
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    I was going to suggest the above centerpiece as well. If you google or Pinterest it, you'll find a number of different variations. It's quite popular.
  • We're doing a similar thing, but with sci-fi/fantast elements (Dr. Who, Star Wars & Sherlock specifically). A lot of the things we're doing are actually cheaper/easier Etsy than doing it ourselves. For example, we're getting Han & Leia silhouette cake topper, because they're pretty enough for my grandmother to enjoy, but geeky enough for me and my friends. For example, a cheaper/more traditional option than getting well made good licensed figures (which are always a pain to find) - though it may still be too obvious for you:

    Alternatively, a pale gold cake with red roses or rose petals would be a pretty, understated option.
  • I actually worked a wedding recently where they did a Beauty and the Beast theme. You could tell that was the theme, if you paid attention and a disney fan, but I liked that it didn't scream beauty and the beast. By the candy bar they had a gold frame with sign in it that said "Be our Guest" then for the centerpieces they alternated a nice 3 candle stick holder (gold) with the upside down vase with a single red rose in it & then red rose petals around both items with a few votive candles. The thing you have to watch for is with the candle stick holders, some venues won't allow for open flames, they have to be enclosed in a a container. Not sure if it's a fire safety thing or if they are afraid of wax dripping on their linens (which can be a pain to get out). For the cake they had a beauty & the beast cut out as their cake topper. The chairs they used (they had to rent everything) where gold so it went with the ballroom theme nicely too. Like I stated previously, if you were a disney fan and familiar with the movie, you could see the touches of the movie in the decor. If you weren't familiar with the movie, you would just think how beautiful it was because it was subtle. I'm guessing they probably rented the candle stick holders and the rose holders too. Better to rent those then to buy them because items like that may be harder to re-sell afterwards because they can be theme specific.
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