Baby's Breath in Bulk --- deal?

I'm interested in purchasing 2 or 3 of the 100 stem units from Costco. However, given that most grocery store bunches have about 10 stems a piece --- I'm trying to understand the value of buying in bulk.  If a bunch is about $3.99 for 10 stems - how is $90 for 100 a deal?  I heard someone call these grower's bunches, which differ from what you would see in a local store.  Can someone please explain?

Re: Baby's Breath in Bulk --- deal?

  • There's a HUGE difference in what you're getting for the money.  The size of the stems is your biggest difference.  It's like a stem of carnations - instead of paying for the individual bloom (10 blooms) you're paying by the stem which can have ten separate blooms if that makes any sense... The wholesale bunches aren't broken down that "10 stem bunch" at the grocery is a lot different than a full wholesale stem that hasn't been broken down yet).  You're getting a lot more product from the wholesaler than you are from any grocery store. 

    Check Sam's vs. Costco for pricing as well.  Obviously you've got to do your homework.  IF the pack size for the stems is the same for the grocery store vs. big-box, then go with that instead with that big of a price difference.  Just do your homework for what you get for the money having done your floral homework...

  • Thanks!  I knew there had to be a difference.  And yes, I've checked Sam's as well.  They are about the same price, but then they also offer a 6 bunch (about 60 stems) option as well. 

    Thanks again!
  • Your information is totally incorrect and you really do not know what you are talking about.

     Also, FYI Baby's Breath is sold weight by bunch not by 10 stem bunches. This applies to both wholesale and retail.

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