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Strip tour stops/ photography locations

for those of you doing a strip tour where are you planning on stopping?
So far in thinking.. Las Vegas sign, venitian, Wynn, neon museum and cosmopolitan.

Would love to know what your all planning?!
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Re: Strip tour stops/ photography locations

  • How long do you have and what's most important to you? You're not going to be able to get all of that in a 2 or even 4 hour photo tour. We're doing Paris pretty much exclusively for our 2 hour tour, plus a few shots at the Cosmo and possibly Bellagio, depending on time available. All I care about is Paris. The Cosmo would just be an added bonus.
  • Yeah on my photo tour I'm gonna do Paris/Bellagio as my priority, and then maaaaybe the high roller. If you hire a private driver it's gonna give you more time than if you just drive yourself.

    I'm doing the Las Vegas sign, but before the wedding in the day time. I originally wanted to do Fremont on my photo tour, but since it's only 2 hours it's just way too far and not practical.

    I would scratch the Neon Museum. While it may sound cool it's gonna take waaay too much time and you gotta pay extra for it too. 
  • Yeah Neon Museum probably wouldn't work unless you start your photo tour there.  You have to schedule a time slot, pay several hundred dollars to get in with a photographer.  Vegas sign is of course popular, just be prepared for a wait if it's a peak time of day or weekend as it can get pretty busy.  Parking there is only a few spots so that can also be a problem.

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  • We already have the neon museum booked and a limo plus bently & wilson for 3 hours.
    Todd said we can do 5 stops, do you knot think this will be possible?

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  • I sincerely doubt you could successfully get 5 stops in with three hours; the boneyard is half an hour away. At best, you're looking at two hours on the strip, excluding the sign (which is probably at least 45 minutes on its own, excluding travel).
  • Ok thank you all for your insight! I've never been to Vegas before so it's really hard to imagine and plan a wedding when you've never been to the destination beforehand!
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  • Todd with Bently & Wilson said we can get about 2 stops in per hour if we have a car/limo service. If you and your photographer map it out beforehand, you can probably be much more efficient with your time.
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