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check everything twice!

Finally married...had an awesome day and will post reviews once I am home from honeymoon but just to share our experience of Marriage Licence Bureau. ..we went to collect certificate and paperwork after filling in pre applic online..all went well..they checked our queues..all good..we then dropped all paperwork off with wedding coordinator. ..all good.. or so we thought. ..about 2 hours AFTER we were married we noticed that the groom's names were back to front..first name and last name switched....I totally freaked out..which was not so much fun on day of wedding! Basically someone had messed up and switched names despite checking the day after the wedding we had to go back to the bureau where they had us fill in more forms and assured us that it will all be sorted out....we are from UK and still on honeymoon so I am hoping we go home to a new and correct wedding certificate...just wanted to share and say check everything as I am currently Mrs-Husbands-first-name!!! Can find it quite amusing now....kinda....but along with our flight being cancelled and hotel being on fire (will post all about this later!) it did mean that we have had some pretty stressful times in the last few weeks!

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