All-inclusive OR Shamrock Community Use Building?


I'm so closing to booking an all-inclusive venue, but I'm wondering if renting a cheap space and getting vendors for decor and catering would be cheaper?   I'm working on a $5,500 budget for about 85 guests.
Anybody familiar with the Shamrock Community use building in Jonesboro?  

Re: All-inclusive OR Shamrock Community Use Building?

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    We got quotes from a bunch of different vendors, and overall we found that all inclusive turned out to be more expensive. We shopped around to find the best prices on everything and cut back on things that weren't important to us, and that saved us a lot of money.

    I haven't personally been to the Shamrock building, but it looked nice on the website. The Clarkston Community Center is nice too, and I recently went to a lovely wedding at Union Hill Community Center in Canton.
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  • You really have to compare the brass tacks as they say.  Some venues don't include things like the tables and chairs -- other don't include the linens.  Linens alone can add up quickly when you think of all the tables you need to cover -- cake table, guest registry table, gift table, etc.

    The other thing is timing -- how much time you have there and how much prep time.  Lack of prep time can kill your day.

    The final thing is how do you want to spend your day?  Do you want to spend it "working" it -- set up, clean up, break down, trash take away?  Or do you want the all inclusive location to handle it so you can live your day?

    Hope this helps!

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