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Question for those that r married- what do u wish u did?

I am getting down to the last minute stuff for my wedding and I am just wondering for those of you who are married now, what was th stuff you look back on and wish you splurged on or remembered to do? Im just trying to make a list to make sure I think of everything. Thanks so much!

Re: Question for those that r married- what do u wish u did?

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    I wish I would have done a little more planning with timing the morning of.  We were a little late and had a few issues with my hair because it was so windy (I had to go back into the hair dresser twice to re-pin it from just walking to the car!). Because we were late we didn't get all of the pictures of me and my girls that I wanted before hand.  I haven't gotten our pictures back so I can't say that my photographer didn't capture the ones that I wanted, but I did feel pressed for time...I also wish we would have gotten outside for some pictures. It was about 20 degrees and so so so windy, but I would have loved to have had some pictures with my new hubby outside of our beautiful venue!  

    All in all though, I LOVED our wedding and I really enjoyed it! I wish we would have splurged for a little extra time (like an extra hour--IT felt soo short!)

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    Some of these won't help with last-minute details, but here you go:

    I wish we had invited less people.  We only had 100 guests, but I sometimes wish we had just gotten married outside with our families and very close friends present.  Maybe 50 people tops. 

    I wish I hadn't been so hasty with choosing a gown.  I loved my gown, but I had a lot of problems finding undergarments because the dress was backless.

    I wish we would have forgone spending money on a dance floor.  Everyone had a wonderful time, but our guests just aren't dancing people and I knew that going in. 
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    One thing I wish I'd done was think to carry eyedrops or having someone carry them for me.  I wear contacts and halfway through the day my eyes got SO dry.  I still had an amazing time, but it would've been so nice to have eyedrops!

    Maybe sounds like a small detail, but that's why I didn't think of it.  

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    I wish I had invited a few people I didn't invite, there was one couple and one friend from work.

    I wish despite the fact that I had asked my photog 3 TIMES to take certain family pics that I would have REFUSED to do any more pics until they were done. My precious family pics of my OOT family NEVER got taken. and she took NO pics of me with my grooms family AT ALL.

    I actually wish I had hired a different photog. I went cheap, and paid the price.
    Make a specific list and don't take no for an answer, because with the rush and excitement of the day you could forget....

    I wish I would have had the BM walk down to my song because it was a long song and we only heard a fraction of it while I walked. It was a very special and beautiful song.

    Those are really my only regrets, the ceremony and reception were wonderful, no problems.

    ADVICE FOR YOU: Get everything done and packed and lists made and packed as early as possible so you can enjoy the last week. I was even packed for the honeymoon save a few items the weekend before our wedding weekend. I actually worked up until WED at noon the week of our wedding so I could take extra time after the wedding which is what I really wanted to do. So I had the rest of that week and 2 full weeks after the wedding, it was glorious!!!!
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    I wish i had some more family photo's.  Don't assume the photographer will "know" what to take".  I even wrote a list of photo's i wanted, but i didn't think of the obvious (more mom & me). so there are NONE of us alone.   Make sure if you want group photo's of your guests, to specify that also. 

    another no brainer - we got married on the beach, but there are none of us with the water in the background. or the two that we do have, my vail or flowers are covering my face. UGH!!!  couldn't you have said "let's take that one again with the flowers down"? lol  so that is really my only thing i wish i did differently.

    Good Luck and enjoy your special day!  I loved everything about ours!!
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    wow everyone wishes they had more picutres or better sad thats the one thing that you really can keep forever...i have decided long ago that I will have a videographer and i really want 2 different photographers so I can have different views but im not sure if they will be ok with another photographer being there... i am being cheap on EVERYTHING but the photography!
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