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Traditional Irish Music with a DJ...?

Im first generation American from an Irish family. Seeing how my wedding is irish-heavy, i want to be able to play set music that my family can dance to. Has anyone had any luck with a DJ playing irish music? Most weddings in Ireland have a band first to play set music, and a DJ sets up later. Don't think my budget allows for both but wondering if anyone did just DJ playing irish music and it worked out well?

Re: Traditional Irish Music with a DJ...?

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    Of course, a DJ can play anything!  Singalongs, dance-able, and more.  

    Make sure the DJ "gets you", and what you and fiance want for your reception.  Then, make sure you give DJ specific requests, IF you have them, regarding names of songs, or artists you and family like.   The DJ Should be able to fill in the blanks and be ready to play fun and familiar music for you and all the guests. 

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  • I had a couple of strange requests for my DJ and when I asked if he could do them he said he'd check to see if he had them and if he didn't he'd get them for me. Turned out he had them. Chances are you won't be the first couple requesting this. 

    Is your fiance's family Irish too? If not then definitely play some traditional Irish stuff but I wouldn't go too crazy with it. You could supplement with some Irish/Irish sounding bands that are well known in American culture too like Flogging Molly, The Cranberries, Mumford and Sons are just a few that come to mind. Your DJ should have some ideas on how to handle different cultures and age groups so that everyone has a good time.
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  • Can you find a DJ who is Irish or provides Irish traditional music? If so, they shouldn't have a problem with your desire for Irish music. Even if they aren't Irish or don't have that music themselves, they should be able to play anything you provide, so you could find recordings of the pieces you want the to play.
  • I love Irish music but am not going to be playing it throughout the reception. Instead I asked our DJ to play one or two of my favorite songs (Galway Girl and Drunken Sailor) to play back-to-back for all the other Irish-music lovers. The thing is, not everyone at the reception is going to know these songs and/or want to dance to them. It's good to keep your reception music appealing to everyone there, not just a select crowd. 
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    I agree, its going to be a few songs in a row, then back to normal music, as to not alienate the rest of our guests. Ill reach out to my aunts and uncles and try to get some names of tunes and pass them along to our DJ. :) thanks for all the suggestions ladies !! xx
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