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***HELP!!!!!!! Can this dress be altered???

Hi – I fell in love with this dress (attached) but am planning on losing some weight prior to my wedding.  Can this be altered?  It is seamless through the sides, and is sheer beginning on the side (no seam though) and through the back PLUS beading.  

Please help!!! It seems like it may be complicated

Re: ***HELP!!!!!!! Can this dress be altered???

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    You need to talk to your seamstress. 
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  • Any input is greatly appreciated based on your past experience.  I am having a tough time finding a GOOD seamstress near me to bring and show in, and the dress is currently being shipped to me as we speak.  After I purchased it I realized that it may not be able to be altered due to the sides being sheer so I'm freaking out a bit.
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    I am sure it can be altered, but how is another question.  It may cost more to take in a dress like this just because of the over style and the lack of noticeable seams.  I would check your local board and/or ask friends or family in your area for seamstress recommendations.

    You could also call the salon that you bought the dress from about alterations for this dress.

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    A good seamstress can alter anything.  It may cost you a ton though.  I spent over $600 in alterations to my dress, with a great seamstress, because it's one piece lace from top to bottom with no seams.  (This is my dress:

    They weren't crazy alterations either.. just taking in the bust a bit so it wasn't pointy, hemming it, adding a one point bustle, and tweaking the lace and mesh on the upper back between the shoulders at the zipper so it would lay flat.  I'm sure it would have been half the cost if it wasn't lace.  

    ETA: My seamstress told me that they basically remove all the lace by hand, and then trim the mesh it sits on, then trim and add the lace back on by hand.  Same would be for yours I'd imagine.
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  • Your dress can be altered, what matters if finding someone who knows what they are doing. First, do not accept a quote over the phone because it will not be accurate as they won't know what your dress looks like or what it is constructed of. Secondly, if when they see your dress and they don't tell you what they are going to do (as in the case of PP, her seamstress told her what she did. That is GOOD), they probably do not know what they are doing and can possibly mess up your dress.

    Ask for recommendations from other brides in your area on here, YELP, Google, bridal shop, so many ways to find one. Good luck!
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    I would think your seamstress would have to completely remove the mesh and lace bit, take in the dress to fit and reattach the mesh/lace, and make it fit.

    This is not a simple task. (I am a seamstress, just not on beaded dresses, lol) this may result in the "V" in the back not being quite so deep.

    I agree with PPs on finding a good seamstress, as your bridal salon will charge an arm and s leg for a hem, though this may cost quite a bit anyway.

    It probably won't alter the look of the dress too much unless you lose more than one dress size.

    Good luck with your weight loss and alterations. It's a beautiful dress. :)

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  • It can be altered, but expect to pay probably big bucks for it and for it to take a long time. They will possibly have to remove the top from the bottom portion of the dress to start. And depending on what they need to do, they may have to remove some of the applique & bead work to adjust the shear fabric and then re-apply the beading. So it will be very labor intensive. I wouldn't trust just any seamstress. I would recommend checking with the seamstress from the bridal shop you are getting the dress from to see if they have worked on this dress before. Personally I would rather pay more to have someone who has worked on the same exact dress before and is comfortable with doing the work.
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