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Same wedding, new groom.

Okay, I just got one of the most ridiculous (and socially horrifying) phone (gossip) calls ever. So, the call was from a girl (we'll call her T) I went to school with years ago. We no longer live in the same state, but we're still friends and we hang out when she's in town for holidays etc or I visit her city (where I'm getting married). She still keeps in touch with another girl (let's call her S) who went to school with us, because they lived on the same street growing up and rode the bus together and I guess their families were friends. I haven't seen or spoken to S since I left that school after the 8th grade. Anyway, S has been engaged for a few months, and has sent out STD cards. Invitations have not been sent because the wedding isn't until right after the holidays. S calls T to let her know that she and her FI have parted ways, as she has decided to get back together with her ex BF. THEY ARE PLANNING TO RECYCLE THE ORIGINAL WEDDING PLANS, because "money has already been spent and they know they want to get married anyway". This is the point where my jaw hits the ground and I tell her she is absolutely, positively shitting me. There is JUST.NO.WAY.

Nope. This woman (we are mid-30s BTW) is calling all of the guests on her side to give them a heads up that when they receive the actual invitation, the groom's name will have changed, but everything else will still be the same. She actually thinks that "there is enough time left between now and the wedding for her friends and family to get used to it and be happy for her". It sounded as though she was leaving the lovely task of calling her ex-FI's guests to let them know of the cancellation to his side, but I was too busy being mortified for her to clarify. The WORST part of this shit show and a half, is that she has young child. Sounded like maybe not quite in school yet, but old enough to be confused by Mommy's game of "musical men". I do not believe that either man in question is the baby daddy. I am just sitting here picturing her scratching out ex-fi's name on the cocktail napkins with a sharpie. I sort of want to friend this girl on FB just for entertainment purposes, but I think my brain might actually explode.

I can pretty much deal with anything else that comes at me today by reminding myself "at least my life isn't as fucked up as S"

Re: Same wedding, new groom.

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